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I smile to hide how completely overwhelmed I am :)

I smile to hide how completely overwhelmed I am :)

Gracie as Katniss Everdeen.

Rusty the pirate

Molly, my 80s chick 🙂

It is a sure sign you are in for a rough day when you wake to a dog throwing up on your chest..just saying…

After Tyler arrived home last night and all the kids were tucked into bed my dear husband helped me finish preparations for the games we were playing at our co-op Halloween party. One of the games we were preparing for was “donut chomp”, a game where the kids race to eat a donut hanging off of a string hanging above their heads. It was a labor intensive process stringing fishing line through mini donuts. Just when we thought we were done we turned around to discover Winnie, our bulldog, had eaten twenty of the donuts.. string and all.  This was the beginning of a rough night. I had a tough time falling asleep and had finally drifted off when I heard that noise that all mothers dread..that noise that wakes all women from a dead sleep..someone throwing up. Not only did I hear it I felt it as it landed on my chest. It was 1:00 am, sheets were changed, back to bed when… KNOCK, KNOCK..”Mommy, It’s morning time!!” I tried to explain to Tyler it was the middle of the night but he didn’t buy it. I sat him on the couch as I went to clean up a new pile of throw-up on the livingroom floor. Luckily by the time I finished cleaning it up he was fast asleep on the couch. By this time it was 2:30 and I went to bed for real 🙂

We were up early to pack the car with Halloween party supplies and get the kids dressed in costumes. Tyler didn’t want to wear his policeman costume he said he wanted to dress as a chicken instead. Needless to say with 10 minutes notice I couldn’t pull together a chicken costume so he went as a Steeler fan instead. Gracie went as Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games books, Molly was a 1980s girl and Rusty was a pirate.

It was a fun day at co-op! We had classes followed by a great pot luck lunch, Halloween games and trick or treating. Tyler did very well considering all of the changes, chaos, candy and craziness not to mention he is still of his medications. (we are STILL waiting on his script to be sent) It was a wonderful day with wonderful friends. We feel so blessed to be part of such an amazing group of women and kids!

After co-op we headed home only to check the answering machine and find out Tyler’s lawyer would be at our home in a half an hour to meet us, do a walk through of the house and spend time with Tyler to see how he is doing.

“Emergency clean up!” I yelled to the kids as we scrambled to clean up all of the leftover party supplies and mess we made prepping for the party and put the house in order before she got there. Talk about short notice! We pulled it together..made it through yet another inspection/interview only to have her say as she was leaving, “See you tomorrow.”  Evidently we are expected in court in Pittsburgh tomorrow at 9:30am to go before the judge.We were told the hearing was Friday..oh well, tomorrow it is 🙂 Maybe taking to Tyler to court off of his medications will “encourage” the judge to speed up the paperwork we need to refill his meds. Should be a wild morning 🙂

It was a fun, blessed, busy, slightly overwhelming day..  I am learning  to see days like this one for what they are..something to enjoy not just endure!

“The trick is to enjoy life. Don’t wish away your days waiting for better ones ahead” – Marjorie Pay Hinkley