Recording the journey


Those that know me well will find great humor in the idea of me trying to blog. I’m considered technologically challenged in my circle of friends but I am a recorder of moments. I have always loved keeping a journal, capturing moments of time through photographs and recording life moments through scrapbooking so I thought the next step would be to try my hand at blogging. We are in a time of transition in our family as we welcome our newest child into our home through adoption. It has been a month since Tyler moved in and it has been a blessed adventure. I want to remember this journey we are on and share our journey with those who love and support us.. so here we are! I have found that the most beautiful, powerful, meaningful moments in our lives are rarely the “big” events but the everyday moments.

“Moments are the molecules that make up eternity” – Neal A Maxwell

So…Welcome to our everyday moments!

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