Halloween shopping and a note of gratitude


A note of gratitude from Gracie

It was a running sort of day..the morning began with Toby picking up Rusty from a sleepover (he had a blast going on a photo scavenger hunt in downtown Grove City) then a few hours at home before we left for Tyler’s first appointment with his new Psychiatrist. We were anticipating a battle getting him to go into the office alone so we decided that we would both go and take the whole crew in case we needed to tag team our way through the appointment. When we arrived we were informed that we weren’t in the computer and had no appointment even though we were told we had a 4:40 appointment. This is incredibly frustrating due to the fact that the doctor is only in this office once a month and we would have to wait until November to see him…unfortunately Tyler’s medication won’t last that long and we can’t get a new script until we are seen by the doctor..UGH!

Since we were out and about anyway we decided to make the best of it and do some Halloween costume shopping. At Salvation Army we found everything we were looking for at incredible deals. In our cart we had a pair of boots, a neon pink skirt, a black jacket, a “bullet proof” vest, an eye patch, a men’s dress shirt, and leg warmers. Any guesses what the kids are dressing up as? Pictures of the completed outfits coming soon!

After shopping we decided to treat the kids to dinner out at EatnPark. Everyone enjoyed the fun treat of a dinner out.

When we arrived home Gracie said she was going to take a bath so I decided to surprise her with a spa like experience in my big tub. I filled the bathroom with candles and the tub with bubbles and bath salts, put a cold drink and the book she is reading next to the tub and called her in. She was thrilled and had a good time soaking and reading her book without interruption. After she was done I went back into the bathroom to clean up and found this sweet note she left on the side of the bathtub with a bath crayon. Isn’t she sweet?

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