Operation Christmas Child


For many years we have participated in a charity called Operation Christmas Child. It is a opportunity to fill a shoebox with gifts and treats for a child who might otherwise not have a Christmas gift. Gracie has decided that she want to try to fill up 10 shoeboxes and bless the lives of 10 children around the world as a service project. Earlier this week she planned an evening to begin the process of collecting and filling shoeboxes. After dinner she sat the kids down to explain what we were going to do. She showed them a video of needy children around the world receiving their shoeboxes. It was inspiring as we saw the looks of awe and delight on the children’s’ faces as they opened up their boxes. Most of these children have little to nothing that they can call their own.
Following Gracie’s introduction we headed out shopping to fill one box as a family. First stop was the dollar store. Gracie instructed each of the kids to pick out two toys and one candy treat. They decided they would shop for a little boy. The kids headed to the toy section then hemmed and hawed as the tried to pick perfect gifts. Tyler has the toughest time deciding. I should have realized that problems would follow later when he kept responding to our toy suggestions with..”but I don’t like___________.”
On the way home we had an old-fashioned sing along. The song of the night..”Wheels on the Bus.” It was the first time I have heard Tyler sing. Each of those little milestones is such a thrill as we get to know our son better and better.
Upon arriving home Gracie pulled out the box for everyone to put their items in. When it was Tyler’s turn he didn’t want to put his items in. When we encouraged him by telling him that we were going to send them to a little boy who doesn’t have any toys he began to cry and said, “But they are mine.” Evidently Gracie’s attempt to make it more engaging by picking a 6-year-old boy to shop for backfired. Tyler thought we were shopping for him but were trying to be sneaky by saying that we were shopping for a “six-year-old boy”..I guess we should have picked a 10-year-old girl instead! Oh well..live and learn. What should have been a fun ending to the night ended with tears instead and an early bedtime.
Gracie continues to persevere in her goal to fill 10 shoeboxes and isn’t deterred by her little brother’s lack of enthusiam. She made cookies to sell at our home school co-op (2 cookies for.25) to raise money to buy items to fill the shoeboxes. I am proud of her initiative and big heart 🙂

Gracie shows the kids videos from Operation Christmas Child of kids around the world opening thier shoeboxes.

Grace finding the gifts she wants to include.

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  1. Good article. I don’t think Tyler is quite ready for Secret Santa duty(:]), though. Hope everything else turned out well, Katie.

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