Trick or treat for seniors.

Trick or treat for seniors.

The last two days have been wonderful. I think they have been the easiest days we have had since Tyler moved in. Wednesday we woke up and began getting ready to go to the home school co-op that we attend every Wednesday so the kids can do science, history, art and music with other students their age. My older kids love co-op but Tyler doesn’t. Every week there are tears, begging, pleading……Oh, and Tyler was pretty upset too 😉 This week we woke up and I told him we needed to get ready for co-op and his response was “which one?” I didn’t realize he attended others 🙂 When I told him it was the one where Miss Lana teaches him history he said, “Oh, I like that one.” He got himself dressed and out to the car without any complaint. It was wonderful! Although I truly appreciate all  aspects of this journey..the good, the bad and the ugly… I really appreciate those easy times when there are no fights or battles and this was one of those days. He attended all his classes without tears, participated in class, did his art project and really enjoyed it, ate in the lunchroom with the other kids..It was wonderful. It makes my heart happy to see that he is getting more comfortable!
When we arrived home we had some tears. It wasn’t Tyler..It was Rusty. We had a casualty while we were gone. Buggy, Rusty’s goldfish died. I don’t know what it is about goldfish but we can’t keep them alive! All Rusty wants is a fish tank in his room and every time we try they die. Last week his fish, Lilly, was found on the floor of his room. She jumped to her death. This week Buggy was floating on top of the water. I think we drive fish to suicide. Poor Russ!
That night we had our yearly “trick or treat for seniors”. Our church does a service project for a local nursing home where families and organizations at church make “homes” out of cardboard and create a “village” in the recreation center of the nursing home for the seniors to trick or treat at. They are wheeled “home to home” to trick or treat while the kids and families from our church hand out candy. It is a wonderful service project that we always look forward to! Gracie was part of a movie theatre candy display and so she dressed as an M & M. She even made M & M earrings with real M & Ms to go with her costume. Isn’t she creative!? Molly was Dorothy and she handed out candy in front of the Emerald City. Rusty and Tyler were going to be pirates and hand out candy from the “Goodship Lollipop” but when it came time to get dressed Tyler wanted to be a  police officer instead so Rusty and his ship were guarded by a swat team member instead! 🙂
I wasn’t sure how Tyler would do with the idea of having to hand out Halloween candy instead of collect it..especially after our Operation Christmas Child fiasco…but he did wonderfully! I was so proud of all the kids. It was a wonderful night!!


“When you carry out acts of kindness, you get a wonderful feeling inside. It is as though something inside your body responds and says, “Yes, this is how I ought to feel.”     – Harold Kushner

Gracie dressed as candy

Tyler handing out candy.

Rusty on the “Goodship Lollipop.”

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