An a-MAZE-ing Friday

An a-MAZE-ing Friday

Friday was an absolutely beautiful day! We decided to take advantage of the weather and join our co-op friends on a fieldtrip to Cool Spring maze. The theme of the maze was the American Farmer and the paths were cut to look like a farmer and his animals from an aerial view. It was set up with posts located throughout the maze with facts about farming. We were given a crossword puzzle to fill out with answers that could be found at the different stations. Those that filled out the paper received a pumpkin at the end.

When we arrived the kids quickly found their friends and paired off into groups to explore the maze. While waiting for our time to enter the maze the kids enjoyed the other activities offered there. They all enjoyed climbing on the bales of hay, sliding down the tube on a feed sack and racing around the track on pedal tractors. When it was time to begin the maze Gracie, Molly and Rusty headed off with their friends and Tyler decided he wanted to come with me. He had no interest in finding out information about the American farmer at the different stations but was good about waiting on me while I filled out the sheet. ( I wanted my pumpkin!) What he really wanted was to run as quickly as he could through the maze! I had to set up the rule that he could just run a little ways ahead because I thought that calling our social worker to report that I lost Tyler in a corn maze would not have gone over well! His entertainment of the day was running around the corner and hiding in the corn and jumping out yelling “BOO!” when I walked by. Luckily I am quite familiar with this game so I wasn’t too frightened 😉 but for the sake of the game I pretended to be terrified each time.

All the kids had a lot of fun!  After the corn maze they offered a hayride. I thought the tractor pulling the hay wagon was just going to circle the track in front of where we (the mothers) were sitting so I let Tyler go by himself with the other kids. You can imagine my panic when I saw it turn and head for the back 40 without me on it..Uh Oh! I sat and waited in panic wondering whether Tyler was behaving, crying, or hijacking the tractor. After about 20-30 stressful minutes they returned and all was well..Phew..All in all it was a really great day!


Tractor races!

Brothers 🙂