Spoiled eggs for breakfast!

Spoiled eggs for breakfast!

The animals all lined up for their picture to be taken. Don’t they follow direction well! 😉

Tyler has been on an egg kick lately. I don’t know if it is the novelty of going outside and collecting eggs from his chicken and getting to cook them up and eat them or if he is actually craving eggs. This morning he woke up, jumped out of bed and said, ” I want spoiled eggs for breakfast!” He ran into the kitchen, and with a lot of noise pulled out pans, grabbed the cooking spray and began to crack his eggs..7 eggs! As he stirred and chopped the eggs in the pan he said, “I’m making them spoiled.” Oh..by spoiled eggs he means scrambled eggs. 🙂 He then proceeded to eat almost all of his  7 “spoiled” eggs!

I had grand plans for the day but then the sun came out and none of us really wanted to work.  We all just wanted to enjoy this unexpected treat of sunshine in Western PA! After school in the morning we were planning on starting  some of the cleaning/organizing projects that need to be done before family arrives for Thanksgiving. That was the plan anyway..what REALLY happened was..

1. Molly moved Lambert and Georgie outside to enjoy the warm weather and start getting to know their farmyard neighbors. (Yes, they have been living in my basement and running amuck down there for the last few weeks.) The animals all came over to meet and greet. Harley (the pig) was thrilled to see Molly bring Lambert into the fence with a bottle. He wouldn’t leave the two of them alone. He wanted a sip desperately! He was raised on a bottle and knows the good stuff that comes out of it 🙂 Even Winnie tried getting into the fun by trying to scoot under the fence..

Winnie trying to break in.

Harley begging for a sip!


2. Rusty found a pair of stilts in the garage and had a good time trying them out!

Rusty on stilts 🙂

3.  Gracie worked on compiling her shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. Last night she counted out all the money she had raised by baking and selling cookies and we went shopping so she could purchase the toys and treats she needed to fill her shoeboxes. Today she sat down to the task of filling the shoeboxes. She was able to meet her goal and fill 10 boxes that will now be sent to needy children somewhere in the world. She was thrilled!

Gracie with some of her completed boxes for Operation Christmas Child.

What we intended to be a very productive day ended up being a fairly lazy day..but that is OK.  I think we all needed the rest that came from taking it easy. It was so nice to just sit in the sun, kick around the soccer ball with Tyler, feed and play with the animals and giggle with my girls. Rather then feel guilty I am going to embrace this day for what it was..a brief respite from a very busy month!
“Work is not always required..there is such a thing as sacred idleness, the cultivation of which is now fearfully neglected.” George Macdonald

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