9 days and counting..

9 days and counting..

Thanksgiving is almost here and by the looks of my home you would never know that we are having Toby’s extended family coming  to visit in 9

Molly organized the schoolroom.

days!  Yesterday we were off school for the day but much to my children’s disappointment it was not a holiday..it was a project day! We had much to accomplish and what I would have spent weeks working on a little at a time, marathon style, was crammed into a 10 hour sprint! It is amazing how much harder it is to get housework done now that we have added a 6-year-old to the mix. My days of locking myself in a room to clean while the other kids entertained themselves is long gone..not that I’m complaining..I am thrilled Tyler wants to be with me every hour of everyday…BUT I haven’t figured out how to get ready for a houseful of holiday visitors with this new life change as well as homeschooling them all. As a result the projects that I should have been working on for weeks were squeezed into a day. Tyler was a trooper and such a good sport about it all. The older kids were cleaning machines! I think I could rent them out for a little side cash 🙂

Gracie’s room

Molly’s room

To add some incentive I made a list of all that I wanted to accomplish from big tasks like cleaning out closets and steam cleaning carpets to smaller tasks like wiping down light switches and organizing the tupperware drawer then assigned a monetary reward to each job done. I posted the list and the kids started picking the jobs they wanted by putting

The playroom

their names next to those jobs. We turned on some music, pulled out the cleaning supplies and went to work! When the kids would finish a job they would come get me so I could inspect the job they did and if they passed then they would be paid .25, .50, or $1.00 based on the job they did.

Normally I don’t pay the kids for helping around the house but this was a very effective way to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time and because they don’t normally get paid for cleaning it added to the novelty of it all. We accomplished an amazing amount and by 7:00pm we were all ready for bed.

While we have been preparing the inside of the house for company Toby has been tackling projects outside. Toby built a new garage this summer and has been undertaking the HUGE job of moving all his things from the old  building

Toby tearing down the old building..Tyler supervising!

to his  new workshop and tearing down the old building before company arrives.

You would think that Winnie cleaned the entire house single-handedly by the way she collapsed at the end of the day!

Everyone slept well last night after a day of many projects!

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