24 hours of non-stop fun..or craziness..

24 hours of non-stop fun..or craziness..

Rusty..all packed and ready to camp!

It all began at 6:00pm Friday night when Toby arrived home, quickly loaded up the camping supplies that Rusty had sitting by the front door and headed out. They were off to Rusty’s first Boy Scout camp out. Toby was such a good sport about it. I know he would have much rather spent the night in his own bed after a long day of hard work than sleeping on the cold ground outside. Once they left it was just the girls and Tyler and I. Tyler was disappointed to be left home with the girls so as a treat we rented the Lorax movie. When it was his bedtime I tucked him in and got to work. I had big plans for the night. I took advantage of the fact Toby was gone and planned to tackle my “to do” list for Thanksgiving. Every now and then I do this..especially when I am feeling overwhelmed and am struggling to get caught up.. I just pull an “all nighter” and work through the night. I usually pay for it the next day but I do feel so much better emotionally to just get the things done that I am wasting energy dreading. I turn on a fun movie and work through the night. I love it and find that I am 100 % more productive when nobody is awake. I am not interrupted to answer questions, pour drinks, make snacks, listen to complaints, etc. It is just me, a quiet house and no distractions. I so enjoy that quiet time when I can just work and think. I was able to accomplish a lot but around 4:30am I could feel myself hitting the proverbial “wall” so I thought to myself “I’ll just lay down and sleep for a few hours until Tyler gets up.” An hour later Tyler comes bounding into the room ready to begin his day. Oh well, that hour of sleep was nice. 🙂

We had to leave the house by 9:00 for a busy morning. The girls were meeting the other teenagers from church to rake leaves for a widow who has many, many trees. They do it every year and really enjoy the service project. Afterword the woman thanks them with cocoa and donuts. I dropped them off to work and took Tyler to church for the Christmas Santa Workshop they planned for the 3-11 year old children at church. Toby was going to drop off Rusty there after the campout and then head to Home Depot to buy fencing to finish our fence before family comes in for Thanksgiving.

The boys being “crafty”

Tyler’s handprints. Yes, those are two right hands..he only wanted to get one hand dirty 🙂










The craft day for the kids was wonderful! The women who planned it put so much time and effort into making it a wonderful activity. There were 9 stations that the kids could go to and make a craft that they then got to wrap up and take home as a Christmas gift for a loved one. There was Christmas music playing and had a fun, festive atmosphere. Tyler made it through 6 stations before he declared he was done and wanted to go play outside. He lasted longer then I expected. Although crafts aren’t really his favorite thing I was proud of how well he did!

After all the kids were done with their morning activities we headed home to work on outdoor projects before the girls and I had to leave for another activity in the evening. Toby worked on the fence while the kids and I worked our way through a multitude of outdoor projects.

One of the chores for the day was bathing Winnie after she has fun playing in ashes!

In the evening the girls and I had the “Young Women in Excellence” program at church where we have the opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of the young ladies in the area. We arrived at the event to find out that I was supposed to decorate a table to display the projects and achievements of the teenage girls from our church..must have missed that memo..Uh Oh. I looked around the room to see the beautiful displays other women have come up with. I quickly headed out to the car with Grace and Molly to see what we had in the car that could be turned into a centerpiece. I felt as though I was in some sort of decorating reality show..”All right, contestants, you have 5 minutes to decorate a table using only the objects you can find in your car.”  In the car we had very slim pickings. I had the school supplies from our Wednesday home school co-op that I hadn’t carried in yet or the crafts that the boys had done that morning, a rake, some gum wrappers, a tornado simulator and playdoh..hmmm. I could sculpt something out of play dough or make a centerpiece out of the spare tire and rakes like a faux flower arrangement or create an abstract  piece of pop art using gum wrappers and stale french fries..what to do, what to do. I ended up using colored tissue paper on the table then sprinkling fake jewels and plastic jewelry across it. Oh well, it all worked out in the end and I was once again taught a lesson in humility and letting go of the need for other’s approval. God is really working on the “people pleasing” part of me that I struggle with. 🙂

My beautiful daughters.

It ended up being a wonderful night and I was grateful to get that special time with my girls. We were back home around 9:00pm. We prepared the kids for bed, said prayers, and had a bedtime story. As Toby lifted Tyler into his arms to carry him to bed I heard Tyler say, “I love you Daddy! You’re the best man in the world!”

You know what ,Tyler, you are right. You are absolutely right!

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