Fish sticks for Thanksgiving dinner

Fish sticks for Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving arrived along with Toby’s family and some beautiful weather. We had two of Toby’s cousins staying at our home along with their families. The kids were so excited at the prospect of cousins to play with. Our visitors arrived Wednesday night and we enjoyed a quiet evening getting reacquainted (well.. as quiet as you can get with 9 kiddos running around the house) before we joined with the rest of the family for Thanksgiving day.

Rusty LOVED the little motor bike. We were proud of how brave and independent he little boy is growing up!

Thanksgiving day was beautiful. The sun was out and after a morning brunch of breakfast casseroles, fruit and muffins we had time to play while we waited for the “crunch time” that comes right before dinner is served up. The kids had fun playing together, feeding the farm animals, and riding the ATVs and the dirt bike we borrowed from a friend.  The adults

Grace taking Tyler for a ride.

enjoyed the outdoor toys too!Thanksgiving dinner was delicious and came together without too much stress thanks to  many hands working together to make it happen. We decorated the tables with brown paper and had a crayon at each place for everyone to write or draw pictures of what they were grateful for. The kids loved being able to color on the tables.

For dinner we had all the usual favorites..turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, sweet potato casserole, homemade rolls, fish sticks….yes, you read that right..fishsticks 🙂 In preparation for Thanksgiving we were working with Tyler to prepare him for the holiday and the visitors we had coming. We knew that this might be a hard or stressful holiday for him being away from all he knew or was familiar with so we wanted to incorporate some of those Thanksgiving traditions that he loved and would want to continue into our Thanksgiving so we asked him

Our Thanksgiving table.

what his favorite Thanksgiving food was. I told him that I would make sure we had it. He said he loved the fish sticks at Thanksgiving. Fish sticks..hmmm…I told him that was an unusual choice for Thanksgiving. He looked at me like he couldn’t believe it wasn’t always on our holiday table and said, “Well, the indians ate fish.” Yes, I guess they did. 🙂 So sitting alongside the usual trimmings was the newest holiday dinner sticks.

Tyler requested fish sticks for Thanksgiving dinner!

After dinner we cleaned up which due to the wise use of paper plates and plastic cutlery was an easy job! After dinner we started a fire in the fire pit outside and enjoyed  sitting around the fire visiting and roasting marshmallows. When the temperature began to drop we headed inside for the kids’ gift exchange and the adult’s white elephant gift exchange. Rusty and Tyler each received homemade marshmallow shooter guns with a bag of mini marshmallows. They were a huge hit with the boys and with Winnie who would chase and then devour the ammunition as it shot across the room. Molly received a peace sign decal for her bedroom wall and Gracie got a beautiful scarf.

Tyler did wonderfully. He handled the craziness of the day like a trooper and wasn’t nearly as overwhelmed or anxious as I expected. The many prayers I have been sending heavenward over the last few weeks were answered and it was truly a blessed first Thanksgiving with Tyler. That night as I tucked him into bed he asked me to lay with him. I said we could snuggle for a little bit. He asked me what snuggling was. I told him it was sitting close together and hugging each other. He said, “I like to do that with you, Mommy.”

“I like to do that with you too, Tyler.”

After a wonderful but very busy day it was so peaceful to lay in the darkened room, snuggling my little boy as I thought back on the day and counted the many blessings I have to be thankful for!

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