Date night with Rusty


002Tonight was my “date night” with Rusty. Every Thursday night  is my grocery shopping night. Before Tyler moved in this was my date night with Toby. I would cook a pizza for the kids and leave Gracie in charge. The kids would have a fun, movie night without parents  while Toby and I would be able to do the weekly grocery shopping and run errands without kids. It was a great way to get my shopping done for the week but also get uninterrupted time to talk with my hubby. When we finished our shopping we would go out to dinner before heading home.

Now that Tyler is here we can’t do date nights the same way..because the adoption isn’t finalized we can’t leave Tyler with someone else unless they are over the age of 21 and have all their clearances. Date night with Toby now consists of date night in our bedroom. Wednesday night Toby will pick up a Redbox movie for the kids to watch and we lock ourselves in our bedroom, have a picnic in bed,watch a movie,  and go over bills/calendars/and upcoming events without interruption. It isn’t the same “interruption free” visit that it was with Tyler banging on the door every 10 minutes, yelling, “What are you guys doing in there!? Is date night over yet?!” …but hey it is better than nothing! 🙂

Meanwhile Thursday errand running is now open since Toby can no longer join me so when Tyler moved in I started “date night” with the kids on Thursday night. Each kid gets one Thursday night a month to run errands alone with me. It is our chance to visit and have some alone time. It amazes me how much they open up and want to share when there aren’t siblings around. After we are done with errands they get to pick a treat to get before we go home. Last night was Rusty’s date night..

First stop..the gas station. While I pumped gas Rusty volunteered to clean my windows.


Next stop..pick up Tyler’s medication refills, grocery shop and look for Rusty’s co-op secret Santa gift.


Grocery shopping with a helper usually takes longer than if I went alone but it is a lot more entertaining!

Final stop..the hot dog shop.


French fries with vinegar..YUM. A perfect end to a fun evening with my boy 🙂

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