Christmas day


Twas the night before Christmas when all through the Homestead..


not a creature was stirring..not a bear, not a moose

Then morning arrived and all chaos broke loose!


The kids were all waiting at the top of the hall

to run down the stairs and see Santa’s haul!


The stockings were stuffed, the seams were near breaking

this magical Christmas was months in the making.


With wonderous looks on all the kids’ faces

they sat down to open their gifts with great patience.


There was a dolly for Molly.. a game for dear Grace

a remote control car for Tyler to race.


Skates were given to the two little boys..

the livingroom was full of love, laughter and joy.


The gifts were all opened and it was time to enjoy

the quiet that comes after all of the noise.


The kids ran to play in the barn with their treasures

while the ladies in the kitchen baked, stirred and measured.


A feast was enjoyed of turkey and pie

then.. all to soon.. it was time for “goodbye.”


The car was reloaded and we headed back to P..A..

How blessed I have been on this sweet Christmas day!


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