Ringing in the new year


New Year’s Eve was spent with dear friends of ours. Toby worked on the 31st so the kids and I were home alone that day. I spent a good part of the day putting away all of our Christmas goodies as well as starting the monumental task of taking down all the Christmas decorations. I tried to convince the kids to lay down for naps in the afternoon but the only one who jumped at that chance was Gracie..typical teenager 🙂  Toby was home at 6:00 after fighting the crowds at Giant Eagle to pick up a few ingredients I needed for the food that I was taking to the party. We had dinner, I made up the dips and snacks I was taking and we were on our way. We arrived at 8:00pm and the first few hours were spent eating the delicious food and visiting. The kids played Just Dance 4  on the Wii which was fun for the dancers and for the audience..so funny!


For one of our treats we brought cake pops that we received for Christmas from my aunt. They were works of art and we almost hated to eat them. The kids loved them..just look at Tyler!


At 10:00 the adults surprised the kids with a photo scavenger hunt for them to do. Some of the kids received cameras for Christmas so we broke them into teams of two and gave them a list of things they had to find and take a picture of. Tyler was paired with the boys. Some of the things they had to take pictures of were:

An “air jump.”


A paper snowflake..here is Gracie making one for her team.


A mouth full of marshmallows..


As well as many other things! There were about 25 items on the list and it took them about 45 minutes to complete!

At 11:00 they were given challenge #2.

A tradition of the family we were spending New Year’s Eve with was to run outside barefoot in the snow at midnight..well, we had them do it at 11:00 instead. The kids were so excited to be allowed to participate in this fun tradition..crazy kids! Tyler refused to go barefoot..smart kid..but went without a coat instead. They were out for only a few minutes but all came in with frozen feet..Brr!


At midnight we rang in the new year with noisemakers and horns. I was surprised to see Tyler last until midnight. I thought he would have fallen asleep much earlier in the night but he not only made it until midnight, he made it until we left at 3:00am and then fell asleep in the car on the way home. We all fell asleep as soon as we arrived home expecting that everyone would sleep in but Tyler was up and ready to begin his day at 7:45am. The other kids slept in until 11:00 when we woke them up.  After a pancake breakfast we began taking down the tree. It is never as much fun to undecorate the tree as it is to decorate it. Tyler was a good sport, though, and enjoyed the game of “I spy” Toby played with him by holding up an ornament box and having Tyler search the tree to find the matching ornament.

When we were done we carried the Christmas tree out to the pasture for the goats to munch on..they loved it!



We also carried out the now petrified gingerbread houses for the chickens to enjoy. Harley was the one who really enjoyed them, though. He ate the candy off of each of them. He especially enjoyed the gum drops! It is official..Christmas is over, the new year has begun..happy 2013!


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