Battling Goliath


The Goliath head Rusty made :)

The Goliath head Rusty made 🙂

In this lifetime you will probably never be asked to battle a 9 foot tall giant in the literal sense of the word but we all are going to be asked to face “giants” (figuratively) many times through the course of our lives. This was the topic of family night. It was interesting as we spoke about the “giants” we have to face in life what the kids viewed as their personal Goliath. It really  gave us insight as parents where their struggles were.  The night started out with Tyler not wanting to participate. This was earlier in the week when he was having a tough time. For family night once a week we have been trying to introduce Tyler to a scripture story (he came to us never hearing anything about Christ, prayer, even basic scripture stories like Noah or the Christmas story). After reading a scripture story for Tyler we try to tie it to a deeper lesson for the older kids before having some sort of activity and treat. This week it was “David and Goliath.” Tyler was being a stinker. He hid behind the couch as I read mumbling “blah, blah, blah” that is until I got to the part where David hits Goliath in the forehead with a stone from his slingshot. Suddenly a little head peaks out from behind the couch..”Did he really, momma?!” Suddenly he was engaged and interested in hearing more 🙂

Battling Goliath!

Battling Goliath!

016Afterwards everyone took the Goliath head pictures I had made and wrote on them the “Goliath” they were currently battling in their lives. Toby and I found it amusing that both of our Goliaths said, “more patience” on them. We hung Goliath’s head high on the wall. The kids took turns throwing marshmallows at Goliath’s head trying to hit him in the forehead. The kids loved it..especially Tyler. For our treat we had the cake that Grace and Tyler made earlier in the day during Gracie’s cooking class with Tyler.

We have had a few really great school days with Tyler. I am amazed at how much better he is doing sitting still and focusing on schoolwork. He doesn’t fight me as much and he is participating more. Today he sat through two online classes and participated. This is the first time he made it though both classes. He usually struggles to sit and focus for that long but he did it and even more importantly he did it without fighting. You can tell by his face though, by the end of the second class he was ready to be done. 🙂


In the afternoon it was Gracie’s day for “one on one” time with me. I asked her what she wanted to do for our time and she said..”Makeovers!” So we did. It was a lot of fun. She did my make-up first. She was so excited to play around and experiment with the new eyeshadow set she received for Christmas.007

Then it was my turn to do her make-up..First, the before picture..

My beautiful Grace!

My beautiful Grace!

Then we began..


It was fun spending time with Gracie being girlie and silly. When I finished she loved her new look. It was fun playing “glamour shots” in my bathroom. I was all “dolled up” and ready to head out when Toby arrived home for “date night” and grocery shopping with Rusty. A perfect end to a really great day!


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