Some bunny loves me!



This morning we woke up to a coating of snow and ice on the roads so the co-op we usually attend on Wednesdays with fellow homeschoolers where we teach science, history, art and music together was cancelled. Instead of co-op our day consisted of school at home and fun with some bunnies!

The baby bunnies we discovered over the weekend  have now opened their eyes and are hopping about. The latest head count is 5 furry little babies but there could be more burrowed in the den that the Momma bunny made.  Molly was tasked with the job of climbing in the hutch to check the nest and clean out some of the old hay.


Isn’t she a trooper!



While Molly was taking care of the bunnies Tyler fed his chickens. Harley, our pot belly pig, loves when Tyler feeds his chickens. As you can see as much food made it onto Harley’s back as it did the ground. Later the chickens will enjoy sitting on Harley’s back and  feasting.


While Molly was cleaning the cage she handed out 4 of the baby bunnies for us to hold. It is the first time we have held them and the kids were all thrilled.




I don’t know which of the kids were the most thrilled…





I think, in the end, it was Gracie..

Her exact  words..”I think this might be better than Disney World!”


The next step in our bunny adventure..figuring out what to do with these newest family members. Right now the kids are trying to figure out ownership. Since Gracie has the only boy she has guaranteed paternity rights and therefore believes that automatically makes all the babies half hers. The maternity rights are still under debate. Rusty’s bunny spends the most time with the babies but they all look just like Molly’s bunny. We may have to call in the Maury Povich show and have some maternity tests done 🙂

On another note, Bailey, who was so very sick over Christmas is doing very well. She is still on restricted activity for six months and a variety of pills but is now eating, breathing easily, gaining weight and wanting to play. It is a miracle she survived and is doing so well.


My fun project this afternoon was decorating my diningroom table. For my birthday my parents gave me the best gift..a basket full of everything needed for a Victorian tea party including things like cookies, an apron, teacups, sugar cubes, a cake plate, cupcake liners, plates and napkins. I was so excited and decided to put it on display and enjoy it as my table centerpiece until I have the time to indulge.


Can I interest anyone in a cucumber sandwich and a spot of tea? Put on your lace gloves and fancy hat and join me!


“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.”

– Henry James

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