First baby hippos!


This morning began with us oversleeping. Waking up from a deep sleep into a full-blown panic after looking at the clock and realizing the alarm never went off (The digital one or Tyler) I raced to wake up kids so they could get on their computers for their online classes. We had 15 minutes to wake Tyler and get him onto his online phonics class. He handled it well and sat in front of the computer with his bowl of cereal.. all without fighting me. Yea!!

After Tyler finished his online class Molly went outside to check on the new baby bunnies and came in frantic. “The babies are missing!” she yelled in the front door before she tore off across the yard back to the rabbit hutch. We followed. I prayed as I walked that they would be found alive and well. As we began the search and rescue process we discovered that they had fallen through a crack in the bunny hutch and had fallen to the ground. There they were huddled in the corner..a pile of baby bunnies. Overcome with relief Molly patched the hole and tucked the babies back into their nest.

Gracie and the baby bunnies.

Gracie and the baby bunnies.

Later that afternoon when piano lessons were completed Molly went back outside to make sure that the babies hadn’t somehow fallen out of the hutch again. She came running back to the house where she whispered that she needed me outside..”right now!” I followed her outside. She was in tears as she showed me the lifeless body of a baby bunny..but it wasn’t one of the furry two-week old babies it was a tiny bald body of a newborn baby. I assumed it was the body of a baby born with the litter that hadn’t survived until Molly reached in the hutch to check on the bunnies and found a bald wiggling baby in the nest with the other babies. Yes, that is right, we had litter # 2 born today.  Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Our little baby hippo!

Our little baby hippo!

We loaded up all the new babies, 7 in all, in a box to carry them inside out of the cold. We have a caged area under the basement stairs that we use when we order baby chicks and they aren’t old enough to go outside so we filled it with hay and turned it into a rabbit hutch for the time being. Tyler was thrilled to see the new baby bunnies. He peeked in the box and then looked at Molly and said, “Those aren’t bunnies. Those are baby hippos!” Then he looked at me and asked, “Hey, who hatched those?”  I suppose that is what they look like at this point.. only hours old..7 baby hippos. 🙂

A bunny from litter #1 and litter #2..look at the difference two weeks makes with baby bunnies.

A bunny from litter #1 and litter #2..look at the difference two weeks make with baby bunnies.

The new bunny hutch in the basement.

The new bunny hutch in the basement.

Tonight was date night with Tyler. I take each of the kids out one at a time on Thursday nights. This is my time to run errands and get my weekly grocery shopping done but is also a wonderful time to visit with the kids individually without interruptions. Tyler was eager to leave for date night so we took off as soon as Toby got home. As we headed down the driveway he asked me to turn up the heat. He then proceeded to inform me that the reason he needed the heat on was because he was allergic to cold air. “Oh,” I said “How do you know that you know that you are allergic to cold air.?” I thought I better ask  just to make sure that I wasn’t allergic too. “Because,” he answered, “it turns my hands and face red.” Silly kid!

193First stop on date night was at Tyler’s request. He wanted to stop at “Game Stop” (a store that sells video games). We weren’t buying anything but he wanted to try out the sample demos they have on display. We stopped and I let him play for a half an hour before we went grocery shopping.

Our next stop was for groceries. Tyler was a very enthusiastic shopper. He had many suggestions for what we should buy as we walked through the store. He was also very generous with his shopping ideas (especially with my money 🙂 ) and found things he wanted to buy for everyone we know as we walked through the store. He wanted to buy Miss Lana some soda, his friend Saga a jug of milk, Molly a Justin Bieber T-shirt, and Rusty pajamas. Although most of his requests are usually denied I still end up spending more on groceries when I shop with Tyler than with any of the other kids. For example when we stopped to pick out a box of cereal he held up a second box and informed me we needed to buy it too because it was Rusty’s favorite. Then he found Gracie’s, and Molly’s and Toby’s and our one box of cereal turned into five because he didn’t want anyone left out. 🙂207


Tyler loves the price checker!


We tried on every sample scent in the store. We were good and stinky by the time we headed home.

Tyler’s favorite part of shopping is stopping at the price check machines and scanning everything in the cart. It is at times like this that I have to remember to slow down and enjoy the moment and remember that although this seems like a waste of time when I really want to get home.. this is bonding.  I try to take the time to let Tyler lead. This is his date and if he wants to spend 15 minutes trying each perfume sample on himself and then on me I let him. We sniff, we compare, and we laugh. On date night he talks and shares in a way that he never does at home or when the others are around.


Boy, I love this little man!

What beautiful brown eyes!

What beautiful brown eyes!

As part of our night-time devotionals we go around the room and everyone has to say what they are most grateful for that day. Tonight as we gathered together in the livingroom to pray and share our gratitude Tyler said, “I’m grateful for date night!”  Awwww man ..he stole mine! That is definitely what I am most grateful for this day. 🙂

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