This and that..


I spent the weekend at a scrapbooking retreat with 10 other ladies. This is my 10th year attending and it is one of the highlights of my year. It takes place at a beautiful old bible college and is a wonderful opportunity to catch up on scrapbook pages, relax and laugh with friends. While I was packing the car to leave Tyler asked why I had to go and I told him so I could start making his scrapbook. He was excited to find out that he was going to get a scrapbook like the other kids. When I returned home Tyler was anxious to see his new scrapbook!


He found some of the pictures quite funny!


He was so excited he had to jump for joy!


This morning when Rusty woke up he decided that although Bailey was doing much better she was still looking too skinny so he decided to fix her a custom breakfast meant to fatten her up. Bailey loved Rusty’s homemade breakfast!


In the morning we had a visit from our social worker, Jillian. She is a social worker from our adoption agency and of all the social workers/advocates we have visiting us on a weekly basis she is our favorite. We were disappointed to find out that she is no longer going to be working with us. She is resigning from her current job to work at a teen home doing drug and alcohol counseling. She will be wonderful at that but I am crushed to be losing her. She is so good at what she does.

Toby was working from home yesterday. He is building custom countertops for the kitchen he is renovating so he was working in his workshop yesterday. The kids loved having Daddy close by. During lunch break Toby helped Gracie with her music lesson. She had to make a homemade instrument for one of her music lessons so she and Toby worked on it together.


The completed instrument..


Later in the day the three littlest kid went outside to play the game they have been working on. They have invented a make believe game that involves mermaids, a magic notebook and pirates. Rusty tried to explain it to me but I was lost. It has kept them entertained for weeks, though, and whenever they have a free minute they are outside continuing their game.


Molly is the creator of this imaginary game..are you surprised? 🙂


While the younger kids were outside playing Gracie decided to work on an art project. Last Sunday there was a “Think Pink” lesson on the values the girls should be working on in their personal progress. Gracie decided to paint a picture to hang in her room as a reminder..


Yesterday was Rusty’s day to make dinner and have his “one on one” time with me. For dinner he made chicken alfredo casserole and cooked a spaghetti squash..yum!


For his “one on one” time with me he wanted to do some projects from the chemistry kit he recieved for Christmas. One of the experiments we did was to make homemade bubbles..


It worked!


After dinner we had family night. Our lesson was on choices and how with every choice..both good and bad..comes a consequence. We played a game where the kids had to pick the consequences that matched the choice I read by standing under the letter of the answer they thought was correct.

For our treat we had chocolate fondue so the kids had the opportunity to “choose” their chocolate treats. They loved that!


Some of them made good choices like pineapple or pretzels dipped in chocolate. Some..not so good…082

Gracie experienced the natural consequence of dipping a pickle in chocolate..she had to eat it..

She actually said it was pretty good 🙂

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