crazy socks and stinky armpits


This Wednesday was much less frantic than last Wednesday morning. All the baby bunnies were accounted for. There was no early morning frantic search for missing animals although we did have an early morning search for socks. Wednesday was “crazy sock day” at co-op so the hour before we left was filled with laundry basket diving as the kids searched for the perfect crazy socks to wear!


At co-op I have the pleasure of teaching the 5th grade science class. It truly is a pleasure! I have 3 kids in my class: Rusty, James, and Katie..all three of which love science and are a delight. This week in our chemistry unit we were learning about the properties of acids vs bases. They had fun using litmus paper to test the different unmarked liquids I brought from home.


I also teach 1st grade science and 1st grade art. Tyler takes part in my 1st grade classes even though he is now kindergarten. There are two of them in that class: Tyler and his friend, Simon. They are both sweet but very busy little boys. I find it takes a lot more creativity and preparation to keep my first graders engaged and interested than it does my 5th graders! 🙂 This week in art we talked about the use of shapes and patterns in art so I brought my scrapbooking shape punches in for them to use. They used their punched out shapes to create a bird. Tyler decided he was going give his completed picture to Daddy as a gift.


When we got home after co-op the kids sat down and did their online assessments for the lessons they had at co-op that day and then it was time for Tyler’s one on one time with me. His request for his hour of uninterrupted time with me..”Let’s play tag, Momma!”  We went down to the basement since it was much too cold to play outside and played tag for an hour. I always let the kids pick whatever activity they want for their one on one time but Tyler’s are always the most exhausting.  When we came upstairs to get a drink and a treat at the end of his time he looked in the mirror and said,

” Momma, I think I’m allergic to exercise. Look, my face turned all red!”

Me too, Tyler, me too…an exercise allergy is a terrible condition to live with. 😉


Thursday was a running day with a orthodontist appointment in the afternoon. Gracie was due to have her braces off in the fall but is still waiting on some stubborn 12 year molars to make a showing so they can have brackets attached to them. She was pleased to find out they were coming through because that meant we didn’t have to see an oral surgeon to have them exposed but disappointed to find out that means at least six more months in braces.


While looking through my photos I discovered some cute pictures that I hadn’t seen before. Evidently the girls decided to have a photo session and Gracie wanted to practice her photography skills..Didn’t these pictures of Molly turn out well?! Nice job, Grace!



Thursday night was grocery shopping and errands with Grace.  I always schedule the bulk of my errands on Gracie’s week because she can stay out later and is such a help. (Tyler’s week consist only of grocery shopping and getting a treat and that is pushing it.) While out Gracie and I decided to stop and get haircuts. Gracie made to bold decision to get bangs and layers added. She was thrilled with the results! We had fun getting in some girl time together!


On a side note..

Earlier this week Rusty came to me to tell me that he thought he needed to start wearing deodorant. He said that his armpits were stinky. Later in the week I was headed out to the store and Rusty asked if he could come with Tyler and I . As we were driving Rusty says from the backseat, “Mom while we are there can I get some deodorant?”

“Sure, Russ,” I said.

“”I want some too!” piped in Tyler.

“You are too little for deodorant,” replied Rusty.

“Am not!” said Tyler

“Are too,” argued Rusty

“What’s deodorant?” asked Tyler

“It is for stinky armpits,” answered Rusty.

“Let me smell your armpits,” demanded Tyler.

“No,” said Rusty ” They smell like skunk spray.”

“Well mine smell like stinky feet!” retorted Tyler.

I sat in the front seat listening to this exchange, thinking to myself,” I don’t remember my girls ever having this discussion. 🙂

I love that Rusty now has a brother! Those boys certainly are funny!

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