In the foothills..


016Here we are on the cuff of our 5 month anniversary with Tyler and I continue to be amazed at God’s grace..although I shouldn’t be!   The transformation has been enlightening and inspiring not only in Tyler but in the lives of all of us. We have come so far as a family in a short amount of time which is not to say it is always easy or always pleasant but it is always blessed. We still are having the same “ups and downs” I wrote about 3 months ago but the extremes of those hills and valleys aren’t there anymore. The bad days are hard but not overwhelming and the good days are just that…good..not the miracle they seemed a few months ago. We are finding our rhythm and learning how to parent this new child. I liken it to a new mother who brings home her new, sweet baby from the hospital. It is so exciting but also so terrifying. You live in fear of making a mistake or failing as a mother. You rush to the side of the crib with every cry.. wondering, ‘Is he hungry..Is he in pain..Is he wet?? What does this cry mean?’  Then as time passes you get more comfortable. You learn to recognize his cries and read the signs that convey his needs. You become more at ease, less fearful and more confident. The hills of excitement and the valleys of fear are less extreme. The ride isn’t so terrifying and you aren’t as prone to emotional “motion sickness.” 🙂 Here we are, 5 months in, and we are out of the “Rocky Mountains” of our journey and enjoying some scenic foothills.


even in the foothills there can be some hairpin turns and unexpected drops!  Last night was one of those nights. Tyler just didn’t want to go to 025sleep. He was giving us attitude and was having trouble obeying. I suspect the defiance was a result of being overly tired and a bit nervous about the dentist appointment he had the next day. He didn’t want to stay in bed and was challenging our authority. He finally ended up in his bedroom rather than Rusty’s where he usually sleeps. Even then he continued to come out. I finally positioned myself outside his bedroom door and played paparazzi. Every time he would come out of his room I would take his picture. He was so angry. He wanted to be defiant but didn’t want his picture taken so this ploy kept him in his room until he decided he was going to outsmart me. He covered his head with his comforter and came shuffling out of his room. His feeling of victory was soon deflated though when he realized that being unable to see completely defeated the whole point of being in the livingroom illegally.   I know, I know..that tactic goes against everything taught in parenting 101 but I just couldn’t help it. Sometimes being a mature mother just isn’t as much fun as being a teasing momma! 🙂

028He did end up falling asleep in his own bedroom..a first! In the morning I snuck in his room to get a picture of him sleeping in his own bed. He woke to the flash going off. “Momma! Quit taking pictures of me!” he mumbled half asleep. Everyone was up, ready to go and out the door to co-op by 8:15am. It was another great day at co-op. Tyler is doing so well! There are no longer tears and tantrums about going to co-op. He goes to his classes, participates (fairly well) and has made friends. He no longer sits along the wall by himself instead he is in the middle of the gym during lunch break laughing, chasing and playing with the other kids.  It is so nice to be able to get ready for co-op on Tuesday without that pit of dread in my stomach.

Today I walked into the gym and found Tyler playing ball with one of the other mothers in our group and a baby in our group named Jackson who has just learned to walk/run. As I watched I saw Tyler gently rolling the ball to Jackson so that he could have a turn throwing it. He was being so sweet with him. After co-op I mentioned to him that I saw him playing with the baby. He told me that Jackson was pretty fun for a baby! Then he told me he thought we should get a baby for our family. I told him we would have to pray about that but I was secretly delighted that he was thinking about the future of “our family.” His words tell me that he is feeling a part of this family and sees himself in it for the long haul.

031After co-op Tyler had a dentist appointment. It was his first time at the dentist since he has moved in and I wasn’t sure how he would do. I could tell he was nervous. He asked if he could take “little duck” with him. When we arrived I was asked questions about his dental history all of which I was unable to answer. We still haven’t received his past medical/dental records. The good news is that we learned a lot from his cleaning. We learned that he had no previous dental work, he still had all his baby teeth, and had no cavities..all great news! Tyler did really well and sat patiently through it all. His only complaint was that his fluoride treatment was cherry flavored and he doesn’t like cherries. 🙂 He was excited to learn that he has two loose teeth. The dentist gave him a tooth container to put his teeth in when he looses them so he can put them under the pillow for the Tooth Fairy..Tyler was thrilled!032

When we arrived home we did a little schoolwork, I paid bills, packed for Tyler’s court appointment tomorrow..UGH! and then Gracie an I had her “one on one time.” She wanted us to decorate T-shirts for each other. I made a R5 shirt for Gracie (her favorite band) and she made me this one that said, “You know I’m blogging this, right?!”…funny girl!


The finished t-shirts.

The finished t-shirts.

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