From Pittsburgh to the Moon- part 2



We soon arrived at the Carnegie Science Center and were pleasantly surprised to discover there were very few people there that day. Tyler had never been to the science center before and was so excited to look around. The older kids were anxious to show him all of their favorite exhibits. Due to the fact we only had a couple of hours at the science center before we had to leave we decided not to go to any of the classes and just visit the different floors instead.. starting at the top floor.  On the 4th floor there is an area for 3-6 year olds only. The kids loved this area when they were little. It has an indoor playground, water tables, and balls. They were all so sad when Rusty turned 7 and they no longer could play in there so they were thrilled to have a new brother who could gain them access back into this play area. (It is for the siblings of 3-6 year olds too) Tyler had fun playing on the playground but was soon ready to leave and check out other areas of the museum. As we left this area Rusty said, “You know, it isn’t as much fun in there as I remember.” I told him that is probably because he is now 11. 🙂

The 3-6 year old area

The 3-6 year old area

We then headed down to the 3rd floor where there are large fish tanks. Tyler loved looking for all the characters from Finding Nemo in the tanks.

Here I took a picture of the kids through the fish tank.

Here I took a picture of the kids through the fish tank.

We spent the majority of our time on the second floor. The first stop was the miniature railroad room. I love this area and Tyler did too. The kids had fun pointing out all of the hidden secrets in the display that they have discovered over the years.


After the railroad we went into the room with robots. They had all sorts of robots on display to show the different roles of robots and how they are used. Tyler loved the areas where you could compete against the robots. In one are you could shoot basketballs into a hoop while a robotic arm was doing the same thing next to you. In another area there was an airhockey table where you could play against a robotic arm. Tyler played a few times and was upset that the robot won every time. He told the worker that was standing there that he thought her robot was cheating. When the employee assured him that the robot wasn’t cheating he asked her if the robot practiced at night when nobody was there. 🙂

Tyler competing with a robot.

Tyler competing with a robot.

There were so many fun things to see but what the kids really loved was the new “space travel” exhibit. They had the chance to see what the inside of a space station looks like..


What an astronaut toilet looks like..


Where astronauts sleep..


And even feel what it feels like to work in zero gravity!


When we had 30 minutes left before we had to head out so we went to the planetarium to watch a short show on the moon and stars. As we lay in the dark looking up at the stars I wasn’t sure how Tyler would do or if he would make it through the entire show but he ended up loving it. As we walked out he told me that was the coolest movie he had ever seen!

Soon it was time to head home for piano lessons and school work. We had one more stop to make before we left..the gift shop to buy a pack of astronaut ice cream for us all to share before we ended our “out of this world” adventure!


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