Roses are red, violets are blue..


Wednesday was our Valentine party at co-op.  Molly asked a month ago if she could take on the task of planning and running it. Usually the moms take on the task of planning our holiday parties.  Molly spent weeks making lists, planning the food, games, and prizes. She did a wonderful job following through on her obligations. She spent the weekend making the decorations, printing out games for the tables, sharpening 40 Valentine pencils, making the centerpieces, gathering all the items needed for games and shopping for the last of the supplies. The biggest challenge of working with Molly on this party was not getting her to follow through but instead reining her in. Her ideas were big and her attention to detail was painful. After spending 30 minutes debating the merits of red versus pink balloons I was ready to run away. I went to bed Saturday night and told Toby that planning this party with Molly gave me a taste of what planning her wedding would be like so we better start putting money aside now for a wedding planner because planning a wedding together may drive me to drink! 🙂

Tuesday was spent finishing up Valentine boxes. Tyler’s box was covered in leftover stickers. He did punch a hole in the bottom of the box so he could look though it and called it a camera.


Rusty made his box into a Wii video game.


Molly made her Valentine box a piggy bank and then hot glued coins around the bottom of her box.


and Gracie turned her Valentine box into an old-fashioned juke box complete with lights and music.


Tuesday night after activities at church we packed the car with all of the party supplies so that we could leave the first thing in the morning to decorate for the party.  Molly had fun decorating the tables in the lunchroom with the Valentine decorations that she prepared.


We had class for 4 periods then it was time for lunch followed by a ice cream sundae bar..YUM. After that it was time for the kids to hand out Valentines to each other. Tyler didn’t quite understand the whole concept of exchanging Valentines and was devastated when I told him that he needed to give away the Valentines that we bought at the store. “But you said they were mine, Momma.” I didn’t have the time or energy to argue so we will just put them away for next years Valentine party.

Gracie’s jukebox was a hit. I spotted a dance party happening next to her Valentine box. 🙂


After handing out valentines it was time for games. Molly had planned 7 “Minute to Win It” games for the kids to participate it. They were broken into teams and rotated ever 2 minutes to the next task that they had one minute to complete. The kids all had a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun for us watching as well!
In one game the kids had to put a drop of Vaseline on their nose, pick up a heart without using their hands and transfer it to a paper plate across the room.


In another game the kids had one minute to stack conversation hearts as high as they could without them tipping over.


The day ended with prizes being handed out for most creative Valentine boxes. Gracie won 2nd place among the 6th-9th grade group.

As we headed home the kids had fun looking through their boxes at all of the fun Valentine cards and treats.


Thursday we woke to Valentine’s Day treats left for the kids and I in the kitchen by Toby..


When Toby arrived home from work we participated in our annual Valentine tradition of measuring the kids on the wall. We started this when we first moved into the house and do it every year on Valentine’s day to mark their growth. Tyler has been looking at this wall since he moved in and was thrilled to have his name added..that is until he saw that Rusty’s age 6 line was an inch above his age 6 line. He was devastated to discover that Rusty was taller than him at his age. He only pouted for a little while then it was time to enjoy the Valentine dinner of homemade pizzas that Molly made before Rusty and I headed out to go grocery shopping..


Happy Valentine’s Day!

PS- Look what we found downstairs..yes, a new bunny nest with wiggling bald babies.I know, I know..our bunnies are floosies!


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