Bouncing baby boys!


051Yesterday was President’s Day so we had the day off from school. We decided to take advantage of the good weather and open schedule to visit my parents in Ohio. My parents’ goats, Sissy and Gertrude, had recently had babies and the kids were eager to meet the two newest members of the Homestead gang.  We woke early to get chores done and kids dressed with the goal of being on the road by 8:30 for the 2 1/2 hour drive to Mimi and Pop Pop’s house. I woke Tyler extra early knowing how hard it can be to get him ready in the morning and out the door quickly.  He was wound up and excited so our home was wilder and more chaotic than normal. The first task of the day was to get Tyler dressed. We spent 30 minutes going through his drawers trying to find something for him to wear. Each outfit I held up was quickly rejected. He was trying to find  the perfect outfit. He hemmed and hawed over whether PoP Pop would like each outfit that I suggested. He finally settled on an outfit that he deemed “Pop Pop praiseworthy.” Then it was time to get him fed. Once again it was a lot of hemming and hawing about what cereal he wanted to eat for breakfast. He finally made his selection, filled his bowl quite full of cereal, topped it with milk when suddenly the phone ring. With great excitement he yelled, “Is it Mimi?!” as his sleeve caught the full bowl of cereal and sent it flying. Tyler looked stunned as he turned to me with milk running down his face and frosted flakes clinging to his hair. It wasn’t Mimi. We stripped him down and headed for the bedroom for round two of “the great outfit search.”

He soon found an outfit he thought Pop Pop would like and as we dressed him he asked me if I was Pop Pop’s mother. parents are both young-looking but when I start getting asked if I am their parents we have a problem. 🙂 “No,” I told him, “Pop Pop is my dad.”

We were soon ready to go. The car was loaded and we were off. The entire drive there I was giddy with excitement. The girls didn’t realize it but we were celebrating their birthdays early and they were in for the surprise of their lives. When we arrived at the top of my parents’ driveway Tyler asked if he could walk the rest of the way. I let him hop out and I followed behind him in the car. About halfway down the driveway..10 feet ahead of Tyler..3 large deer hopped across. Tyler jumped in surprise..he certainly wasn’t expecting that!  After we parked the first stop was the barn to meet the two new baby goats..Buster and Betsy. They were so cute and the kids loved them!



054After spending some time in the fields with the new additions we went inside for lunch and for the girls’ birthday celebrations. The table was decorated so festive and on the table sat two “It’s a boy!” gift bags. Mimi told them that they could open them at the same time. They did and pulled out large bottles and bibs. 065You could see the look of confusion on their faces. Pop Pop quickly explained, “That entitles you each to a baby goat from a local farm. We will go over after lunch and you can pick out the baby goat of your choosing.” Well, the girls were thrilled!



Molly broke down in tears..overcome with joy!  I can’t imagine a more thrilling gift. They boys handled it well knowing that it wasn’t their birthdays and didn’t even ask if they could have one too. I wasn’t sure how Tyler would handle it but he did wonderfully!





After lunch we drove to a friend’s farm where the girls had the opportunity to pick out of 30 baby goats running around.. ranging from a few weeks old to a few days old. They walked through the nursery holding different ones and quickly made their choice. It was the experience of a lifetime for the girls. On the ride back to the homestead the girls talked about possible names for their bouncing baby boys. Gracie decided to name her 2 week old baby, Chip and Molly named her 2 day old baby, Thor.


When we got back the girls made bottles for their babies and fed them in the barn. After they were done eating we took them out in the field to play with Mimi and Pop Pop’s babies. It was fun to just sit and watch them bounce and play with each other.


While the girls were enjoying their new birthday gifts I walked Tyler to the bathroom. As we walked he asked me again who Pop pop was. I have noticed that Tyler really struggles with understanding relationships and I assume that is due to having many different moms, dads, siblings, grandparents, etc. over the years.

“So is Pop Pop my brother?” he asked.

“No,” I explained, “Pop Pop is your grandpa.”

“Oh,” he replied,” Well can Mimi and Pop Pop be my mom and dad..because I really want to live here!”

That little boy certainly keeps me humble! 🙂

The fun day ended with a game of pin the tail on the donkey in the barn. (Don’t worry..We used a paper donkey, not George!)


After a long drive home we tucked the new babies in the pen that Toby built downstairs for them. It is becoming a regular petting zoo down there with bunnies in one pen and goats in the other. So if you stop by for a visit and my home smells like a barn you will know why!


PS- We had another batch of baby bunnies born over the weekend. Now I have never been good at word problems but I can’t figure out how, with 3 adult bunnies (all female), we can have 4 litters born in one month. My dad suggested that perhaps it doesn’t add up because  we have moved from rabbit algebra to rabbit calculus..darn imaginary numbers! I’ve always hated calculus. 🙂


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