Sleepless nights


It has been a week full of fun days and sleepless nights..The days have consisted of:

1. A church dance. On Saturday Gracie had a church dance in Greentree for Valentine’s Day. She wanted to wear pink so she found a cute pink top on sale that she bought with her own money. She had a fun time with her friends!


2.  Rusty had a boy scout hike Saturday morning with his scout troop. Toby went with him and they enjoyed some father/son bonding. It was a 5 mile hike and they both came home feeling sore after the hike. While they were hiking they did some Geo Caching. It is a fun hobby that they both have wanted to get into. You can go online and find the coordinates of hidden treasures all over the country. It is like a giant treasure hunt. When you find the coordinates of a hidden treasure near where you are hiking you enter it into your GPS and use it to find the spot where someone buried the “treasure.” The rule is, when you find the hidden spot you can take a treat out of the box but then you must leave a replacement for the next treasure hunter. Rusty took this toy out of the cache they found. He had a lot of fun with it.


3.  On Tuesday night at church the youth had a “Top Chef” activity.  I was in charge of planning it. I emptied my pantry to create the”Top Chef” store for the activity.  The kids had to answer a questionnaire upon arrival with questions like: have you done a good deed today, did you floss, have you read your scriptures today, etc. For each question they answered correctly they earned a fake dollar for shopping for food at our store. The kids then boke into teams of 4 to shop, plan and cook a meal in 45 minutes. The finished dishes were then judged by a panel of taste testers and a winning team was declared. The kids had a lot of fun with it and I was amazed by their creativity. Rusty and Molly were on the same team with 2 other kids. They decided to make a cake. They decided to be creative and added M&Ms to the batter before they cooked it. There was no frosting in the “store”so they melted butterscotch chips to frost their cake. Gracie was on a team with some of her friends. They made a taco dish with a side of green beans and they also made a julius. Other dishes included a breakfast plate of sausage, pancakes, cheesy eggs and buttered toast, and a bbq chicken/ mac and cheese dish. All the kids did a great job but the winning team was Gracie’s team. They each won a prize of a whisk filed with chocolates and of course bragging rights!  🙂



4. The babies in the basement nursery continue to grow and thrive.  The baby bunnies are all doing well. The oldest litter of babies are now almost as big as the mommies. The second litter have now opened their eyes and the youngest litter of bunnies now have hair. It looks like we are in the clear and they will all probably survive.

The second litter of baby bunnies begin to open their eyes. They are around two weeks old.

The second litter of baby bunnies begin to open their eyes. They are around two weeks old.

The youngest litter of bunnies are white with black spots except for one that is all black. They now have fur and are starting to crawl out of the nest.

The youngest litter of bunnies are white with black spots except for one that is all black. They now have fur and are starting to crawl out of the nest.

The baby goats are doing well too! The kids have had fun going down to the basement to play with them and feed them. If the kids wait to long between visits we hear “MAAA MAAA” coming up through the vents. When Tyler hears this he will yell to the girls that their babies are calling “MOM!” again and they need to go feed them. 🙂



5. Toby surprised me the other night by bringing me home a gift in a ring box..He had my diamond reset as a surprise after I lost my diamond and re-found it. I didn’t realize he was going to do it. I thought we would have to wait a while to have it fixed. I was touched by his thoughtfulness and was amazed at how pretty and shiny it looked. It looked like a brand new ring..thank you, Toby!


Now onto the sleepless nights….

We have had a week of really rough nights with the boys. Tyler has been sleeping in his own room for the last few weeks and loving it. A few days ago as I was putting him to bed and reading him his bedtime story Jemima, the dog we are puppy sitting, appeared in his dark window. The ground outside his window is ground level so she was sitting there with her face pressed to the window watching us. Although he found it funny at the time he now doesn’t want to sleep in his room or any other room with windows because he is afraid some other face will be looking at him. This has made for a few days of rough bedtimes. I know have to sit with him and rub his back until he falls asleep which for the last few nights has taken over an hour.

Rusty is also struggling with fears and anxiety at bedtime. A few weeks ago he couldn’t sleep one night because he had napped earlier in the day and he hated being awake and unable to sleep when the house was dark and quiet and he was the only one up. That experience rattled him so much that he is now dealing with self-induced insomnia because of the anxiety he has about not falling asleep. It begins about 8:00 with him going to bed then coming out in tears every 15 minutes to tell us that he still can’t sleep. We say prayers with him, I’ve tried having one of the dogs sleep with him, we have tried a warm bath, a hot drink, music playing softly, reading before bedtime and visualization exercises to no avail. Last night I sat in his room from 3:00 am -5:00 am waiting for him to fall asleep. I feel so bad for him but I also know that it is all mental. Rusty has always struggled with anxiety and I know that this is what he is dealing with now. I am at the end of my rope though..I can only handle so many sleepless night before I’m going to have my own mental breakdown. 🙂

I would love to know if anyone had any suggestions…

On the upside, though, Tyler has been doing very well during the day. We haven’t had any tantrums lately and he has really begun to open up this past week about the future. We have had some wonderful discussions about adoption and what is coming next. The other day I mentioned that soon he would have a new last name.

“What is it going to be?” he asked.

“McCleery,” I told him, “just like Daddy and I.”

“How do you spell that?” he asked.


“I can’t spell that!” he protested, “I’m just gonna keep that name I have.”

I let it drop but later he told Toby, “Daddy, guess what we are going to have the same last name!

…but I still don’t know how to spell it.” 🙂

Next week we meet with the social worker that will begin the paperwork to finalize the adoption. I can’t wait until it is official! We are getting close!

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