If I’d known you were coming I’d have baked a cake!

If I’d known you were coming I’d have baked a cake!

Sunday was a good day at church!  Tyler attended all of his classes and had a pleasant, easy day. When we arrived home he wanted to make brownies so he and Toby kicked everyone out of the kitchen so they could surprise us with their baked creation. The brownies turned out delicious!  Later in the afternoon we headed down to the basement to try to determine the sex of all the new baby bunnies.  Gracie has learned through her research that the best age to determine the sex of a bunny is three weeks old so we headed downstairs with that as our goal. With a flashlight in one hand and a pictures of what a female and male bunny parts look like we began the sorting process.  Needless to say it isn’t as clear-cut as one would imagine but after much debate and everyone weighing in with their “educated” opinions we have determined that we have 10 females and 3 males.  Hmm..we shall see. 🙂030

As we were preparing dinner we received an unexpected call. Toby’s cousin Mark, who drives a big rig for a living, called and said he was passing044 our way. He decided he had time to stop for an overnight visit. The kids were very excited..especially Tyler who adores Mark!  We began preparing for his visit by picking up a bit and changing the sheets on the guest bed.

Tyler was eager to help get ready for Mark’s visit and volunteered to do the dishes. It was his first time doing dishes and he did a great job. Next he and Toby went upstairs to make up the guest bed. When Mark was getting close Molly began dinner. She wanted to make stroganoff, salad, cut up fruit and creamed corn. She did a nice job and although it was nothing fancy Mark expressed his appreciation of non- fast food. He didn’t even flinch when he heard that Molly used deer meat in her stroganoff.  When Mark arrived he parked his truck right off the highway and Toby went to pick him up. It was 9:00 when he arrived and we let the kids stay up to spend some time with him before bed. After Mark had some dinner the kids took him downstairs to show off the petting zoo in the basement. Mark held a baby bunny and bottle fed one of the baby goats. 043


We had a nice time visiting while we watched the baby goats run and leap around the basement.  When we came upstairs I told the kids they had 15 minutes until bed so Tyler asked Mark if he would play checkers with him.  The kids have been on a checkers/chess kick lately. Tyler loves checkers and is pretty good at it and Rusty had been teaching him to play chess with the Mario Brothers chess set that he received for Christmas.003

We finally tucked everyone in at 11:00 and the boys fell asleep instantly..it was so nice! Mark put in a load of laundry and we had a chance to visit with him and catch up. We were even able to include his wife, Faith, in the fun via speaker phone. 🙂  Everyone crashed about 1:00 am and Mark was out the door and on the road by 7:00 am.

In the morning we had our big inspection by the county to begin the adoption finalization. The lady who will be finalizing us was very nice and put all my worries to bed as she reassured us that we were in the home stretch and only have a little bit of paperwork left before we go in front of the judge.  She did a full walk through of the house and didn’t seem too shocked when she saw farm animals in the basement.  She spoke to us about what to expect on adoption day and answered all  of our questions. We are getting close. Now we just wait for a court date. It looks like it will probably be May or June due to the fact that the court only finalizes adoptions on one day each month and usually only 10 adoptions on that day so we will have to see when there is a free spot.  It is so nice to be nearing the end and I will feel such a sense of relief when everything is official. The journey has been a long one but I see now why the process is so long. The six month waiting period that the state requires seemed such an inconvenience when Tyler moved it but I can now see the blessing of it. We have all grown so much in the last six months and we are in a different place now then we were in the beginning. We have grown as a family and the act of signing the papers and changing his name has a lot more meaning now than it would have 6 months ago..especially for him. Six months ago we were not his parents..in his eyes and heart we were not his family… but now we are. So when the judge declares us “parents and child” it will mean all the more because that is what we have become over the course of this journey…Momma, Daddy and son. It is a good reminder that God’s timing is always perfect!

“Your journey has molded you for your greater good, and it was exactly what it needed to be.  Don’t think that you have lost time.  It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now…and now is right on time.”  – Asha Tyson


Tyler trying to feed both goats at once.

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