Snow much fun!

Snow much fun!

We have had the pleasure of having Toby home with us this week. He doesn’t have any work right now so he has been home since Monday. The upside of this is that we have enjoyed his company and he has been able to get a lot of things crossed off of the “honey do” list. The downside is that it is very hard to keep kids focused on their schoolwork when all they want to do is go and help Daddy work on his projects..especially Tyler.

Tuesday was a school day but also a big cooking day. The morning began with Tyler helping me clean up the kitchen. I was about to toss out a cake that he had made with Grace a few days ago that I didn’t think was too good anymore when Tyler informed me that he wanted to give it to Harley. “It can be his birthday cake!” he declared.  I told him that it wasn’t Harley’s birthday but Tyler told me that Harley doesn’t know that! He informed me that if we were going to celebrate Harley’s birthday we needed to get him a birthday present. I asked him what he thought we should get Harley and after much thought informed me that we should give Harley and egg because he LOVES eggs!  I walked out with Tyler carrying the half eaten cake and an egg. Tyler insisted that we needed to sing happy birthday to Harley before he ate the cake so we did. (I talked him out of lighting birthday candles for Harley to blow out). Harley had the chickens and Stripes, the cat, come to his party. The cake and egg were a huge hit and Harley was thrilled with his party!

Harley's birthday party!

Harley’s birthday party!

One of Harley's birthday guests..

One of Harley’s birthday guests..


Later in the day we began preparing for the chili cook off at church that evening.  It is a fundraiser that we hold at church every year to raise funds to help pay for the youth to go to camp.  People bring chili and cornbread for everyone to enjoy and the judges vote on the top three chilis and cornbread and award prizes.  People also donate desserts to be auctioned off. The youth all have to come up with a homemade item or service that they can auction off as well. My girls each made gift baskets.


Molly did a breakfast basket and Grace did a dinner and a movie basket with a movie, movie treats and a dinner that she made.  We took our favorite pumpkin chili as our entry. Toby got this recipe from a lady at Home Depot that was handing out samples a few years ago and we have fallen in love with it..Yum! Here is our recipe:

Pumpkin Chili

3 pounds ground beef

1 medium onion, chopped

2 cans (16 oz each) medium chili beans, undrained

2 bottles (12 oz each) chili sauce

2 cans condensed tomato soup + 2 cans water

1 small can canned pumpkin

2 tsp pumpkin pie spice

1 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

1 tsp sugar

1 tsp chili powder

Cook ground beef and onion. Drain. Stir in remaining ingredients and simmer for 1 hour. Enjoy!



Tyler was thrilled when we won best overall chili and received toy jumping beans as our prize. Everyone had a great time! Rusty used some of his allowance to bid on an apple dumpling that looked good to him.


  It was a successful night and the youth raised the money they needed.  All that fun quickly came to an end though when it was time to leave.  While we were cleaning up Tyler slipped out the door while we weren’t looking and was playing in the dark parking lot. When another mom told him to go inside after he was almost hit by a car the meltdown began. When I came out to get him he told me no and ran away. Toby then came out, scooped him up, carried him to the car and told him to buckle up. Tyler was fighting him so I ended up driving home while Toby sat next to Tyler in the back seat with his hand over the seat belt buckle so Tyler couldn’t unbuckle. When we arrived home it was out to the fencepost. It was another long night trying to get the boys to sleep.  It did get me thinking though, as I considered the large amount of sweets that they both enjoyed at the auction, if sugar was playing a role in Tyler’s behavior. I think we need to do a little research on ADHD recommended diets and see if perhaps a change in diet might help a bit with the impulsiveness we see in Tyler. It was a long night and when I finally went to bed I thought to myself, ‘Why do we even try going is just so much easier to stay home!’ 🙂

The next morning was our co-op morning but due to the 4 inches that fell overnight it was cancelled. Since Toby was home we decided to take advantage of the snow and after doing schoolwork in the morning we drove over to the park down the road to go sledding. They have a wonderful sledding hill and we had the place to ourselves since local kids were in school. Since we only have one sled Toby grabbed a few pieces of heavy-duty plastic from the garage to use as extra “sleds.” The snow was heavy and wet..perfect for sledding. It packed down easily and made for an exciting, fast paced ride down the hill. We all had a great time and it was a fun, middle of the week treat and a nice break from school. When everyone was wet and cold we headed home to dry off, have lunch and get back to schoolwork. It was a fun day!

Tyler was the first to head down the hill..

Tyler was the first to head down the hill..


Followed by Rusty..

Followed by Rusty..

Then they headed down together..

Then they headed down together..

Daddy even joined it the fun!

Daddy even joined it the fun!

My beautiful Molly!

My beautiful Molly!


And lovely Miss Grace.

And lovely Miss Grace.



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