Intent to adopt


This weekend, in the mail, we received a little piece of paper we have been waiting for..our “intent to adopt form!” We are one step closer to making it official. By signing this little piece of paper we legally declare our intention to make Tyler a member of our forever family. We had to sign it in front of a notary so on Saturday we went as a family to the notary, paid $5.oo and made it official. After making it to the office minutes before they closed we stopped to take some photos of this next big step in our adoption journey. Tyler didn’t want his picture taken and the clerk was glaring at us and making it clear he was ready to lock up and go home so I got a picture of the rest of the family while Tyler sulked in the corner. Oh well..just another one of those lessons in letting go of the vision I have in my head. I thought this would be a great picture for the adoption happy little family on this special day..instead this is what you will be seeing: 🙂

Toby, Gracie, Molly and Rusty.

Toby, Gracie, Molly and Rusty.

...and Tyler.

…and Tyler.

(Note: it wasn’t until I was posting this picture that I noticed Tyler was wearing two different shoes that night) 🙂

After we left we stopped by the post office to drop it in the mail. Now we wait for our court date.  The court only finalizes adoptions one day each month (which is about 10 families) so depending on how many families are waiting we are looking at probably June or July for our court date..YEA!

Rusty at the play.

Rusty at the play.

After that we headed out for an evening of cultural entertainment..a high school musical. A friend’s son had the lead in a local production of “Me and My Girl.” I wasn’t sure how the kids (Tyler) would do. This was their first time seeing a highschool production. The girls loved it…the dancing, singing, costumes. Rusty enjoyed it but started getting anxious an 1 1/2 hours into it fearing that we would be getting home late and that he would have trouble sleeping. Tyler enjoyed the first half but by the second act was rolling around on the floor asking in a loud whisper, “Is this ever going to be over?!” Toby finally laid him down on his coat and gave him his phone to play games on. It was a great show and the cast  did a great job! It was a fun night out but I think we realized that perhaps Tyler isn’t quite old enough/still enough for that sort of cultural entertainment. 😉

The girls enjoying the show.

The girls enjoying the show.

Tyler laying on the floor during act 2..

Tyler laying on the floor during act 2..

Tuesday was spent in the kitchen. Our home school co-op was having a bake sale the next day to raise money for Make a Wish so the kids were all making  treats to sell. Gracie made and decorated cake mix cookies. Molly made a large pan of lemon bars- her favorite. Rusty made no-bake cookies that he sold with a tag calling them dog treat cookies and Tyler made cupcakes that he decorated with a cupcake farm kit that my sister gave me for my birthday. All of their treats turned out well and they were eager to go to co-op the next day to see how well their treats would sell. I also told the kids they could pack some of their money to buy treats as well. We have had the kids on a no sugar/dye/preservative diet to see if we saw any changes in behavior (Tyler) or anxiety (Rusty). I gave them a free pass for Wednesday though. I just couldn’t handle being the mean mom that made them eat carrot sticks while everyone else was enjoying cupcakes. Even though Tyler was allowed to buy from the bake sale you could tell he must have been feeling naughty because when anyone would walk by and comment on his treat he would quickly and defensively say, “I’m allowed to be eating this! I’m allowed sugar!”

Rusty's cookies.

Rusty’s cookies.

The bake sale was a success. This little group of 40 kids ended up making over $150.00 on the items they baked and sold to donate to Make a Wish. I was very proud of them all. Great job, kiddos!!!

Tyler's cupcakes.

Tyler’s cupcakes.

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