Mall madness



On Thursday the girls had a joint birthday party with some of their friends. The decided they just wanted to have a simple get together with a few families from our co-op, eat a little cake, play around the house and then have three girls sleep over. They had a good time. It was a relaxing afternoon and the moms enjoyed being able to sit and visit while the kids played.

The girls were spoiled with some fun gifts from their friends.


A few of their gifts were picked out by guy friends. They were impressed by how well the  boys did picking out great girl gifts!

These adorable sweaters were picked out by their buddy, Eli.  Aren’t they cute?!


After everyone left and Toby came home from work to watch the boys I took the 5 girls to the mall. This was Molly and Gracie’s one big birthday request..going to the mall with friends. This was their first time hanging out at the mall with friends. We just aren’t “mall people” and when we do go it is a quick visit as a family to grab what we need and get out! 🙂 I must admit I was dreading an evening at the mall with a group of giggling girls but we ended up having a lot of fun.


First stop was Claires where the girls had fun trying on fun/crazy accessories…Lovely, Miss Molly.


Gracie found this cute hat and thought it matched her new sweater perfectly. She decided to use some of her money to buy it. Doesn’t she look adorable!


At Sears the girls had fun trying on all of the Easter hats. They looked like they should be headed to a tea party.


Then they saw the escalator. You would have thought they were at Disney World by how excited they were to ride the escalator. They ended up riding it up and down a few times before we headed to the next store.


Next stop..the candy shop where the girls bought sweet treats to enjoy later that night after everyone had gone to bed.


Bath and Body Works was another favorite spot as the girls tried on just about every scent in the store.


The girls also spent a good portion of the night trying on dresses. At one store there was a HUGE prom dress display. The girls begged to try some on and I said okay. They had a great time picking out dresses for each other to try on. They would go into the dressing room, put on a dress and then come out and spin for each other. They had fun taking pictures of each other in those outrageous outfits. I loved hearing them giggle and enjoy their girl time as friends!


The girls had a great night. I am so grateful that my girls are growing into such lovely, kind, good girls. I am also grateful they have such sweet friends to enjoy their teenage years with!  🙂


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