Easter weekend


Whew…what a busy, fun-filled weekend! It all began on Friday when we headed to Rogers, Ohio for the animal auction. The kids decided to take their oldest litter of baby bunnies out there to sell. They thought that selling them the Friday before Easter might help them get a better price. You could definitely tell the girls were struggling with mixed emotions as they loaded the bunnies up in the carrier. They knew that they couldn’t have 17 bunnies as pets but it was still hard for them to see them go. Molly’s greatest fear was that they would not end up in a good home. As I walked by Molly’s room I heard her praying that nice families would bid on her bunnies. We dropped them off at the auction by didn’t stay to see them get auctioned off. I thought it might me too hard on the kids plus we had to get home and decorate eggs for Easter since we were going to be gone all day on Saturday. The girls will find out later this week what their bunnies sold for when the receive a check in the mail from the auction. We still have the youngest litter for sale if anyone is interested!!

easter 001

We were arrived home the girls fed their baby goats while the boys helped me to prepare the dyes for the eggs. Tyler was very enthusiastic. When the dyes were ready we sat down as a family to decorate eggs. We had 30 eggs to dye. The kids were extra creative this year. They had fun using rubber bands to create neat “tie dye” inspired looks on the eggs.





As the kids were finishing up Toby brought in our scripture eggs that we have been using for evening devotionals for the last 10 days. Each day one of the kids opens the plastic egg to find an object that represents a certain part of the Easter story. We discuss the object and read the corresponding scripture verses. The object for the night was a rock to represent the stone that was rolled in front of Christ’s tomb.

easter 014

It was then time for bed because we had an early morning. We were going out to Ohio to spend the day with my parents to celebrate Easter. We arrived around 11:00. Along the way we passed Mater and Lightening McQueen..how cool is that?!

easter 025

After arriving and saying hello,Mimi and Popop took the kids to the garage right away to give them their Easter gifts..They walked in with their eyes closed but could hear “Peep Peep.” They opened their eyes and there was a fluffy yellow duckling for each of them. They were all thrilled..especially Tyler!  Tyler, of all my kiddos, is the bird lover. His favorite farm animals are chickens and ducks. He couldn’t believe he was going to have one of his very own!

easter 027

It was a wonderful day! We had a delicious Easter dinner, visited with the farm animals, played a competitive, ‘boys verses girls’  game of badminton and had a great time relaxing and visiting. The weather was perfect and it actually felt like spring.  We were back on the road by early evening.

Toby, the chicken whisperer :)

Toby, the chicken whisperer 🙂

The next morning everyone was up early for all of the pre-church Easter activities. The kids had to wait in their rooms until I had the camera ready and then they were told they could come out and see if the Easter Bunny had visited. They were thrilled to see that he had come and left them baskets full of wonderful treats like books, kites and goodies. Tyler was especially excited to see there was a basket with his name on it!

Look what the Easter Bunny brought

Look what the Easter Bunny brought

Next it was time to find the 30 eggs that we dyed and the Easter Bunny hid. Because they were real eggs it was important that we find them all! It didn’t take the kids too long until all the eggs were accounted for.

Tyler found an egg!

Tyler found an egg!

After our egg hunt Toby and I went to get dressed for church and sent the kids to put on their Easter finery as well so that we could take Easter pictures. When I was done getting ready I came out of my room and found that Tyler was not dressed yet. While we were in our room he had taken his duckling out of its cage, put it in a shoe and was driving it around in its new “car.” Needless to say, Toby didn’t find it nearly as funny as I did…perhaps because it was his shoe. 🙂

easter 088

It took some convincing but we finally got Tyler to put away his duck and go get dressed for church. I’m afraid Tyler just might LOVE his duck to death if we don’t watch him more carefully!

Make way for duckling

Make way for duckling

Next it was time for Easter photos. Tyler desperately wanted his duck in the pictures so we compromised and had some Easter pictures with the duck and some without. It was a beautiful morning and I was grateful that the rain held off until pictures were done.  Then it was off to church for a beautiful Easter Sunday!

Tyler and Rusty

Tyler and Rusty

Molly and Gracie

Molly and Gracie

My babies

My babies

After church we drove straight to Aunt Beth’s house for dinner with Toby’s side of the family. It was nice seeing family that we usually only see at holiday time. The kids loved playing with cousins and the girls loved all the babies  there were to hold and little ones to entertain.

cousin love!

cousin love!

We had another delicious Easter dinner and then the kids had an egg hunt in Beth’s backyard. It was chilly and rainy but that didn’t deter the kids from playing tag in the yard when the Easter egg hunt was done.

Hunting for eggs at Beth's house

Hunting for eggs at Beth’s house

When everyone was leaving we walked next door with Mimi Joy for an egg hunt that she set up for the kids in her house. They each had 11 eggs to find that were filled with candy. Tyler loved it and when it was done asked if we could hide the eggs and do it again. Mimi Joy had something else in mind though. She took the kids upstairs to re-stuff the eggs and then sent Toby and I upstairs to wait while the kids hid eggs for our egg hunt. Tyler loved that. He loved knowing where the eggs were and giving us clues as to whether we were hot or cold. When Toby and I had found all 44 eggs we were told we could open them. We discovered they were filled with dollar bills that the kids had crumpled and stuffed into each egg for Toby and I to find. What a wonderful surprise! Toby and I both agreed it was the best egg hunt we had ever been on! 🙂

The best egg hunt ever!

The best egg hunt ever!

Right before we left the kids decided to take their mini kites that they received in their Easter baskets outside to try. Tyler, in the process of flying his, accidentally hit Gracie in the face and made her cry. When I told him to apologize he responded with an angry, “I’m Sorry!” When I told him to try again he wouldn’t so Toby declared it time to go which Tyler was not happy about and responded to with a temper tantrum. When he wouldn’t stay buckled Toby climbed it the backseat next to Tyler to “help” him remain buckled while I drove us home.

Let's go fly a kite...

Let’s go fly a kite…

He settled down on the ride home but I wondered what it was that set him off. Was it the holiday weekend…to much stimulation…all of the candy…or was he perhaps missing his old home. I suspect it was probably a mix of all of these things. I thought that maybe this holiday wasn’t as hard on him as the past few have been but realized I was mistaken when the next morning he woke up and came to sit next to me. He told me that he was sad…

“Why are you sad?” I asked him

“I can’t remember my old phone number,” he answered. “Do you know my old phone number?”

“I don’t know if I have your old number,” I told him. “Why do you need it?”

“I want to call my old mom,” he told me “I miss her.”

It breaks my heart when I see him hurting and I just don’t know how to “fix” it. The selfish part of me wants him to just forget about the past, love us, and not want what was. The other part of me realizes that he is who he is because of his past and I need to honor that and validate his loss. Sometimes, though, it is just plain hard…Today he goes to visit his biological brother.

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  1. Time will help him. You have already seen his progress. He has a long way to go. I still think he hit the jack pot finding you guys for a forever family ❤ Heavenly Father has truly blessed each member of your family… especially Tyler.

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