“There’s no snuggling in soccer”

Tyler's first soccer game!

Tyler’s first soccer game!

Saturday morning we were up early for Tyler’s first soccer game. The girls came downstairs.. still half asleep after their fun night.  We had a quick pancake breakfast, grabbed Olivia’s sleepover supplies, our camping chairs and headed to the soccer fields.  It was bitterly cold with snowflakes in the air. What a change from two days earlier when the boys were playing in the sprinkler. We set up our chairs on the sidelines and were ready for our first soccer experience. The boys were adorable to watch. When we signed Tyler up for soccer I was concerned that his impulsiveness and lack of focus would be an issue. As it turns out that is the general theme of six-year-old soccer. The game consisted of little boys chasing the ball around the field, occasionally kicking it, wandering off to talk to a parent, stopping to watch an airplane go by and doing cartwheels on the field. When one of the boys did manage to get ahold of the ball and move it down the field toward the net it was usually to a chorus of parents yelling, “The other way! Your goal is the other way!”

Tyler stopping for a drink.

Tyler stopping for a drink.

Tyler’s team won 6-2. On the way to drop off Olivia I commented to Toby that it wasn’t what I expected. I told him that I thought it was going to be more intense and competitive with a lot of rules. Tyler overheard me from the back seat and said,  “Momma, there is only one rule on my team…no snuggling!” He said this because the boys kept hugging/tackling each other on the field and the coach told them to “high 5” instead. “Yep,” said Tyler, ” There’s no snuggling allowed.” 🙂

new beginnings 005

After we dropped off Olivia we stopped at the store to buy supplies for the activity we had the next day at church. We were preparing for “New Beginnings,” an annual celebration we have to welcome the girls who will be turning 12 this year into our youth group and to say farewell to the girls who will be graduating in June. Our theme for the party was Dr. Seuss. We titled it “Oh the Places You’ll Stand” based on our scripture for the year “Stand ye in holy places.”  I needed to stop at the pet store to buy goldfish for my centerpieces so we went shopping before we went home. When we arrived home Gracie worked on drawing some Dr.Suess posters to hang on the walls and I began baking some of our Dr. Seuss treats…

Gracie making Dr. Seuss posters for me.

Gracie making Dr. Seuss posters for me.

The finished poster..

Lorax cookies

Lorax cookies

Green eggs (no ham)

Green eggs (no ham)

Sunday, after church, we stayed to set up and decorate. New Beginnings began at 6:00. The night consisted of enjoying appetizers and treats, a program and the young women performing a musical number. The evening was wonderful.  So many people put so much effort into making it a magical night for our young women!new beginnings 025

"Oh the places you'll stand"

“Oh the places you’ll stand”

new beginnings 015

The young women made truffula trees for some of our decorations.

The tables..

The tables..

Some of out Seuss treats included “Hop on Pop popcorn,” “Yertle Turtles,” “Truffula Twigs,” “Seusscakes, and “One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish crackers.” Yum Yumnew beginnings 029

Two of my beautiful young women..Molly and Gracie :)

Two of my beautiful young women..Molly and Gracie 🙂

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