A “berry” blessed day with friends!


We have purchased a Carnegie Museum membership yearly since the kids have been little. Even years when money has been a bit tighter we have considered it a worthy investment. When my kids were little our membership paid for a few hours of  “mommy mental health” as I took them up to the top floor where they could play for hours in a contained area while I visited with other mothers. As they grew older it became a homeschooling tool that we could use to bring the science concepts they were studying to life. It is one thing to read about the mighty T-Rex but something much more compelling to stand in front of the impressive skeletal remains of one. With our membership we have access to the Carnegie Science Center, Natural History Museum, Art Museum and the Andy Warhol Museum. This summer when it was time to renew our membership we were in a quandary as to what to do. The family membership allows for six people but at the time of renewal we were being considered for the adoption of a sibling group of 3 children. We didn’t know if that adoption would go through so as a precaution we bought the next level of membership which allows for two adults and eight guests. Although we were blessed with Tyler instead of the sibling group and didn’t need the larger membership, it has been a blessing. We have been able to share our enjoyment of the Carnegie museums with friends by inviting them as guests on our membership. Last week we were able to enjoy a fun day at the Science Center with friends from church.

We began the morning by meeting at a parking lot to caravan our way into Pittsburgh. We were hoping we left late enough to avoid morning traffic but ended up getting caught in the tail end of it. Luckily the trip in wasn’t too nerve-racking. When we arrived we headed for the front desk to get our wristbands and then my kids and Andrea’s little boys wanted to stop and play with the water balls.

Tyler waiting for a ball to roll his way..

Tyler waiting for a ball to roll his way..

 We then began exploring the different floors. Before we arrived my older kids “called dibs” on Andrea’s boys..who they adore. Rusty wanted to be Tanner’s partner for the day, Gracie wanted baby Braddock and Molly wanted to be Landon’s helper.

Molly and Landon

Molly and Landon

Here is Rusty ready for his space mission!

gardening 005

The robot floor was a hit with all the kids.

Rusty helped Landon with a robot video game…

gardening 007

and Tanner loved the “build a robot” table.

gardening 009

When it was time to head upstairs Tyler asked if he could push Braddock in his stroller. He really enjoyed that and later informed me that he had never pushed a baby before. He also asked if we could get our own baby. 🙂  Here is Tyler and Tanner pushing Braddock in his stroller.

gardening 015

On the top floor we let the kids loose in the kiddie area where they enjoyed playing at the water tables. The nice thing about this area is that it is enclosed and thus requires less supervision so Andrea and I had a chance to visit and enjoy some “mom time” while the boys played.

gardening 016

When everyone was good and wet we headed downstairs to the cafeteria to eat the lunches we packed and then we headed to the next building, “Sports Works,” where are the exhibits are sports/body related. Here the kids enjoyed seeing how fast they could throw a baseball, check their reflexes and jump on the trampoline.  Here is Tanner jumping..

gardening 025

and Rusty jumping..

gardening 022

We had such a good time with Andrea and her boys! She reminds me so much of my sister.  Her boys even line up with the ages of my sister’s three boys so it was a bit like getting a day with my nephews. 🙂 We had a great day with a great family!

The kids (minus Tyler and Braddock)

The kids (minus Tyler and Braddock)

The next day Andrea surprised us with an unexpected (and unnecessary) thank you..chocolate covered strawberries! The packaging was so clever and the strawberries were delicious. When I told Toby that I thought I needed to come up with a way to thank Andrea for her sweet “thank you” he just rolled his eyes and said, “Women!” What can I say..it’s a girl thing!017

It was a “berry” blessed day!

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