“Is it broken?”


“Is it broken?”

I think these words have spoken in our home more this past year than in the last five years combined. Every crash, every yell, every “Momma!” was followed by a, “Is it broken?” There was a lot of questioning, “Is it broken?” earlier this week. Tyler was out of his medication and we didn’t realize it until I opened his bottle and discovered it empty. I called the pharmacy and they said that they would have it ready in the afternoon for Toby to pick up on his way home from work…but boy did we pay for that oversight. Tyler had a tough day. He was in a mood, angry at the world, and made sure that we all knew it. My day was spent breaking up fights, correcting, calming hurt feelings and disciplining. I finally had it..and lost it. Tyler was mad at Rusty for not picking a show that he wanted to watch during Rusty’s free time so he kept walking over to the TV and turning it off while Rusty was watching his show. The situation was quickly escalating. I told Tyler to stop and he responded with, “You can’t make me!” I was in the middle of making lunch at the time. In my hand was a pitcher of ice water that I was carrying to the table. I don’t know what came over me but I found myself walking into the living room, carrying that pitcher of water.  I did not say a word but in the middle of Tyler yelling, “You’re not my boss!” I found myself dumping a gallon of ice water over that little boy’s head. He stood there in shock, dripping wet, with a lemon slice perched in his hair and sputtering in disbelief. I turned and walked back into the kitchen without saying a word. After a few moments of silence Tyler yelled,”I’m not cleaning up this mess!” before he took off for his room. Ok, perhaps that wasn’t a shining moment in my mothering memoir but boy did it feel good and it “cooled off” a very heated moment.

Later in the day Tyler had to sit down and take an online test that is required by the school four times a year. He didn’t want me to help him. He wanted Gracie instead. He told me that she was a better reader than me. Gracie very sweetly agreed to help him. As we sat in the diningroom together I could see Gracie’s frustration growing as she tried to keep Tyler on track and focused on the test. He looked out the window, rolled a pencil across the table, and did flips off his chair. Gracie tensed in frustration, giving me a “look” over his head. I had to laugh as I looked into her face and saw the same expression I wear quite often when teaching Tyler.

“Consider this practice for when you become a kindergarten teacher,” I told her.

“I don’t think it will be like this,” she answered me.

“You might end up with 10 ADHD boys in your class,” I informed her.

She responded with, “Ugh!”

We didn’t realize Tyler was even listening to our conversation until we heard him respond from under the table, “Welcome to my world!”

Gracie and I died. His comedic timing was perfect. Funny kid!

“Is it broken” took on an entirely different meaning the next day. For youth activities on Tuesday night the boys and girls played Canadian Dodgeball together. I took Tyler with me because Toby had to work late. When he saw the kids getting the balls out for dodgeball he begged to be able to participate. I was a bit nervous letting him play dodgeball with some of those teenage boys but I figured they would probably be a bit gentler with him. It turns out that my worries were misplaced because it wasn’t Tyler who was injured, it was Rusty. In an attempt to catch a fast-moving dodgeball Rusty jammed his thumb. We put ice on it and had Toby look at it when we arrived home. We thought it was just sprained but the next morning when Rusty came out of his bedroom we saw that it was swollen and  black and blue so we thought we better have it checked out.

Rusty at MedExpress.

Rusty at MedExpress.

When we arrived at MedExpress they put Tyler and I in an examine room while Rusty was taken back to get x-rays of his thumb. (The girls were at home doing schoolwork) Soon Rusty was back with us and we playing an exciting game of “I spy” for 20 minutes while we waited for the doctor. When the doctor came in she informed us that it was broken and that she would place a temporary cast on it until we could see Orthopedics. Well, Rusty wins for the first broken bone in our family. I thought for sure that honor would go to Tyler. Today we will visit the Orthopedic group that will tell us exactly what we are dealing with and what the treatment plan will be.

Rusty..."Is it broken?" :)

Rusty…”Is it broken?” 🙂

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  1. you are amazing! you’re writing, your attitude, your honesty. wish you’d been around when I was raising my kids.

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