“Is it broken?” – Update


Yesterday we had an appointment with an Orthopedic doctor. We were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get in quickly. When we arrived the waiting room was packed. The boys grabbed the last few open seats while I went to the window to check Rusty in. The girls were at home. With only a couple of weeks left of school they opted to stay home and try to get some grammar lessons done rather than hang out in a waiting room. Gracie did send her DS (hand-held video game) with Tyler as a help for me, hoping it would help occupy him while we waited. She is so thoughtful. Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait too long. We were soon called back and put in an exam room to wait for the doctor. We played another rousing game of “I Spy” while waiting for the doctor.

Waiting for the doctor..

Waiting for the doctor..

When the doctor came in he introduced himself and asked Rusty where it hurt. Rusty pointed to the bottom half of his thumb and the doctor responded with, “That is where it should hurt because that is where it is broken.” He explained that due to the type and location of the break Rusty would have to be in  a cast for 4 weeks. As the doctor spoke Tyler bounced around him, chattering a mile a minute. Rusty didn’t say much, he just nodded his head when the doctor would ask  him a question. The doctor commented on the two extremes of my boys..one wouldn’t speak and the other wouldn’t stop speaking! 🙂 He then asked Rusty what color cast he would like. Rusty chose orange (his favorite color) much to Tyler’s disappointment. He thought Rusty should have picked green. As the doctor gathered his supplies and began to prep for the cast Tyler was right by his side questioning his every move. The doctor told him that if he wouldn’t sit still he was going to put him to work. Tyler readily agreed to be the doctor’s assistant. The doctor had Tyler hold Rusty’s hand still while he applied the cast. Halfway through the procedure the nurse walked in ready to assist. The doctor told her that he didn’t need her help and that he had a hired a new helper. Tyler thought it was pretty funny when the doctor told the nurse that she was fired and that Tyler was going to be his new nurse.

Rusty outside the doctor's office sporting his new, bright orange cast.

Rusty outside the doctor’s office sporting his new, bright orange cast.

When he was done fixing Rusty’s thumb up he gave Rusty instructions on the care of his cast and told him that he would see him in 4 weeks to remove it. We were in and out in about an hour. Rusty was eager to get home to show the girls and let them sign it. On the drive home he tried to decided who he wanted to sign it. Due to the fact that it is only a hand cast rather than an arm cast he has limited signing space so he has to be selective. 🙂 He did tell Tyler that he could be the first to sign it since he helped put it on. Tyler was thrilled! He chose the spot of honor..Rusty’s thumb. 🙂

Gracie signing the cast after Tyler

Gracie signing the cast after Tyler

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