A look back at our vacation with Dr. G!


Last week we had a blast vacationing with cousins but they weren’t the only ones we knew at the shore..we also had Gracie’s orthodontist popping up at many of our vacation destinations.

Hey there, Dr. G!

Hey there, Dr. G!

We love Dr. G!  He and the staff at Gulland Orthodontics are always coming up with fun activities, community service projects and monthly contests to make the “braces experience” a bit more fun. This summer they are having a “Doc on a Stick” contest. We were given a Dr.G face on a stick, reminiscent of Flat Stanley, that we then photograph while on our summer adventures. There is a cash prize offered for the top three photos so Dr. G joined us on vacation and had all sorts of crazy fun!


Here are some of the places he popped up at this week..

At the shore:


Hey there, Dr. G!



On the rides at the Ocean City boardwalk. He was quite the thrill seeker!




On a rainy day at the Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum:


Dr. G  “photo bombing” a poor old lady. He is such a ham!


..and her husband 🙂


It seemed everywhere we went he would pop up!


We even stumbled across him at the beach. He was buried in the sand, enjoying the sun.


Well, Dr. G, it was a blast. We laughed.. we cried.. we ate boardwalk fries. Thanks for the memories! 🙂


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