“Don’t tinkle in your neighbor’s yard”


I sat down this morning to write and realized it has been almost a week since I posted anything. I’m not sure where the days have gone. There we were celebrating Rusty’s birthday and *poof* here we are a week later. 🙂

So…here is what you’ve missed..

Saturday was spent running in different directions. Tyler had football, Rusty had his hunter safety class, and Toby spent the day with his foot propped up after having some work done on it the day before. Toby has been having pain on the top of his foot for months. He finally decided to have it addressed after realizing that his line of work (he is in the construction business) necessitates the need to stand. He went in thinking they were going to drain a Ganglion cyst. After numbing the site with multiple shots of Novocaine the doctor proceeded to try to drain what they later described as a tumor-like mass. Unfortunately they weren’t able to “fix” it like Toby was hoping and instead sent him home in a lot more pain than he came in with. Next step is a MRI to figure out what the mass is and then possibly surgery. Needless to say Toby was frustrated by the news.

So while Toby was recovering on Saturday we faced the dilemma of having to be two places at once with the boys’ separate commitments. Luckily a dear friend came to the rescue and volunteered to take Rusty to the hunter safety class since her son was also attending. Rusty was thrilled to have a friend to go with. They were dropped off at 9:00 am and picked up at 5:00 pm. Rusty came home complaining of his head hurting from all that information but seemed to get a lot out of it. He was eager to show us the certificate, proof that he had passed the course. Now he can go hunting with Dad. 🙂

Tyler had his final game this past Saturday. It was extra exciting due to the fact that the two teams were so evenly matched. Tyler had a great game and many great tackles. The game kept us on the edge of our seat down to the last few minutes. Okay, here is where I admit my horrible, selfish, mothering flaws….As Tyler’s team began an amazing comeback in the second half, quickly gaining on the other team’s scoreboard points, I was secretly hoping they wouldn’t win. I know that is horrible but winning means another week of practice and games and NO LIFE! I’m so ready to have a life again outside of football. 🙂 The conclusion of the game couldn’t have been more perfect. The team did wonderfully, Tyler had his best game of the season, but they didn’t win so….football season is over! Woo Hoo…(This is me doing my happy dance.) It was a wonderful experience for Tyler and we saw a lot of growth in him over the last few months as a result, but I’m still relieved we are done. 🙂

Tyler's final walk off the field.

Tyler’s final walk off the field.

On Monday night we had family night. I had planned a lesson and game on “Keeping God’s Commandments.” As the lesson began we went around the room saying what we thought the most important commandment of all was and why. It was interesting to hear the kids’ opinions. We ended with Tyler and he, with great sincerity said, “Don’t tinkle in other people’s yards.” He was puzzled by our laughter and responded indignantly, “Well it isn’t nice..especially if you accidentally tinkle on their dog.”

Adopting, as I have said before, is so often a game of detective. These kids come to you, especially if they are a bit older, with experiences, triggers, and memories that you aren’t part of. Over the past year my bonding experience with Tyler could be likened to an excavation site. It is a slow process of stripping down the layers and as you do so you come across these jewels of information and experiences that have made your child who he is today. I would love to know the story behind Tyler’s insistence that God’s greatest commandment is “Never tinkle in your neighbor’s yard” because knowing Tyler I bet it is a really good story!

Roses from my love

Roses from my love

On Tuesday night Toby surprised me with roses..just because. Not only did he surprise me but he brought home a single red rose for Grace and Molly as well. “For my favorite girls,” he said. It was such an unexpected treat and such a sweet expression of his love. Not too long ago Molly said to me, “I think Heavenly Father must be a lot like Daddy.” She went on to explain that Toby always has time to listen to her, and is always doing kind things for her, and always makes her feel so special. “Heavenly Father just reminds me a lot of Daddy.” I thought here appraisal was insightful. How blessed she is..we all are..to have a man in our lives who is such a reflection of heavenly love. I am grateful to be married to a godly man who helps our children better understand God’s love for them by the love he shows them. I am so blessed.

A rose from Daddy.

A rose from Daddy.

Wednesday was our co-op day. The kids woke with an extra bounce in their step. Wednesday is everyone’s favorite day of the week. They love getting to spend the day with their friends. I teach Tyler’s science class and this week Rusty came in and joined us as we learned about molecules. Rusty was a great teacher’s helper as we learned about how molecules move in solids, liquids and gasses. Rusty had them stand up with him and we had a molecule dance party as they went from slow dancing “solid” music to fast paced, crazy “gas” music. We even pulled out the “molecule mittens” so the boys could better visualize the movement of molecules in the different states of matter. It was a fun lesson made extra fun by Rusty’s help. Thanks Russ!

Doing the molecule dance..

Doing the molecule dance..

Molecule mittens!

Molecule mittens!

Gracie also had an extra fun science class yesterday. She had an online class to attend in which they were learning about cells. In preparation for this interactive class Gracie received a box in the mail from her teacher. When she opened the box she discovered it was full of yummy treats..crackers, rice cakes, frosting, candy, etc. On Wednesday they took all of these yummy teats and learned the parts of cells by making eatable models out of the treats in the box. What a fun idea!

Gracie in her online Biology class.

Gracie in her online Biology class with her friend, Olivia.

The finished project!

The finished project!

Last night was Tyler’s night to make dinner. It was also Rusty’s date night/ shopping night. Before I left I was going to help Tyler get dinner going but when I asked him what he had planned he told me it was a secret. Wednesday’s are always Tyler’s night to cook and rather than make a crock pot meal like the kids do he usually chooses a “kid friendly” recipe that he can make with a little assistance. His usual choices include pancakes, eggs, chicken nuggets and fries, etc. When Toby arrived home I told him dinner hadn’t been started because Tyler didn’t tell me what he was making… “It’s a secret.” After I left Toby asked Tyler what he was making and Tyler leaned in close so the other children wouldn’t hear him and whispered, “hotdogs.” “OK, where are the hot dogs?” Toby asked, expecting Tyler to say that they were in the fridge downstairs. “At the store,” Tyler replied. Toby then had to explain that he had to pick something that was already in the house. They ended up eating Raman Noodles (Tyler’s pick.) 🙂 Meanwhile Rusty and I had dinner at Wendy’s. With the $10.00  Rusty had to buy dinner for the two of us he decided that he wanted to buy dinner off the dollar menu thus leaving just enough to get an icecream cone at Handle’s when we were done shopping. On our way home we stopped and bought an icecream for Rusty and a pumpkin milkshake for me. ( I brought one home for Toby as well.)

Date night

Date night

When we arrived home I put our shakes in the freezer for us to enjoys after unpacking groceries, evening devotionals, and tuck-ins. Just when I thought my day was done and I was off the clock Tyler came running in to tell me “one last thing”, hitting the milkshake cup and sending it flying. Orange icecream splattered in every direction. It was like the world was moving in slow motion as I watched icecream hit the wall, and the floor, and the furniture. Tyler’s hands went up to his mouth as he watched wide-eyed. After re-tucking in Tyler and scrubbing orange goop off of EVERYTHING with Toby’s help, it was time for bed…

“Goodnight pillow, goodnight wall, tomorrow morning I’ll scrub you all..”

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