Happy Thanksgiving!


Our bellies are full, the dishes are done, and we are enjoying a quiet evening snuggled up on the couch while we watch White Christmas. It has been a wonderful day..a wonderful couple of days. On Tuesday night we went to bed with a blizzard blowing outside and when we woke up on Wednesday morning the world outside was a winter wonderland. We decided to take advantage of the beautiful backdrop and do our Christmas pictures for our Christmas cards.

Here is one of the photos we took…


After finishing up our school work for the week we packed away the books and pencils until Monday and pulled out the mixing bowls and spoons. This was the first holiday since Toby and I married that we would not be traveling or spending it with extended family. As much as we were going to miss that special time with Toby’s family we were looking forward to the novelty of a holiday with just our own little family. Last week we sat down as a family and decided what we wanted to make for our Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone picked a favorite Thanksgiving dish that they would be in charge of making. We began our cooking on Wednesday afternoon. We put on Christmas music, pulled out aprons and got to work. It was a lot of fun. Everyone had the following assignments…

Tyler made the pumpkin pie.


Gracie made the mashed potatoes.


Rusty made the sweet potato casserole and Chex mix for us to munch on Thanksgiving day while we played board games.


Molly made peanut butter pie and helped me make rolls. I took care of the remaining dishes.

On Thanksgiving morning we were able to sleep in a little later than usual. After putting the turkey in we decided to take advantage of the 7 inches of snow that had fallen outside for some fun in the snow. Our Thanksgiving day was filled with Christmas movies, playing board games and enjoying all the good  food that was prepared.

Snowball fight!

Snowball fight!

Toby armed with a frying pan for a shield. I love this man!

Toby armed with a frying pan for a shield. I love this man!

Rusty and Winnie

Rusty and Winnie

Molly...all bundled up!

Molly…all bundled up!

It was a wonderfully relaxing day. As I sit in my warm home with a full belly and my dear little family around me I feel like the richest woman on Earth.

I am blessed.

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