Christmas through time



Yesterday was our annual home school co-op Christmas party. This year the theme was “Christmas Through Time.” Preparations for the party began weeks before hand as we made gifts for friends and teachers, baked cookies for our cookie exchange and shopped for the kids’ gift exchange. This year our activities at the party revolved around how Christmas was celebrated during different times throughout history. The stations were: A Victorian Christmas, A Colonial Christmas, A Pioneer Christmas, and A Vintage Christmas (1940s). Different moms were in charge of the different stations. A friend and I were in charge of A Pioneer Christmas. Dressed in long skirt, aprons  and bonnets we discussed with the kids what a pioneer Christmas would have been like. At each station the kids made a craft that represented that time period in history.

Molly in the pioneer room.

Molly in the pioneer room.

Grace and her friend making the pioneer craft.

Grace and her friend Olivia making the pioneer craft.

Here are the finished crafts…

A Vintage Christmas

A Vintage Christmas

A Victorian Christmas

A Victorian Christmas


A Colonial Christmas

A Pioneer Christmas

A Pioneer Christmas

After the kids rotated through all four stations everybody met in one of the larger classrooms for the annual and much-anticipated talent show. We were treated to musical numbers, poetry recitation, comedy acts and instrumental pieces. My girls joined with some of their friends to perform a song they dedicated to the Moms entitled, “Best Day.”


After the talent show we headed to the lunchroom where we enjoyed a feast of delicious food and the treat of sitting and visiting with dear friends.


The party ended with a gift exchange among the kids. Each kid drew another’s name and purchased a $5.00 gift for them. I don’t know which part my kids enjoyed more, the giving or the receiving. My kids were all thrilled with the gifts that they received. Tyler was especially thrilled to get a football from one of his friends.
The day ended with the moms exchanging cookies for the cookie exchange and cleaning up the mess created by a wonderful Christmas party. I went home feeling utterly done in but immensely grateful for this amazing group of women and kids that we call our co-op friends.


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