Boys’ Weekend!


Last weekend while the girls were enjoying a weekend in Ohio the boys were having a “boys’ weekend.” When I picked up Ozzie he jumped in the car, excited to share the news that he had been chosen to bring Crystal and Nico, the class dogs, home with him for the weekend. The kids in his class get to take turns taking home these two stuffed dogs and then have to write a journal entry in the class notebook from the point of view of the dogs about what they experienced over the weekend. Ozzie was thrilled to get to take the dogs to “boys’ weekend.” As we drove back home Ozzie solemnly informed me that my house might be messy when I come back from Ohio because boys’ weekends are usually messy. I asked him what he had planned for “boys’ weekend” and he filled me in…

Ozzie’s boys’ weekend to-do list:

1. Eat 5 pizzas

2. Watch “boy” movies.

3. Sleep in their clothes.

4. Stay up until 9:30 pm.

5. Pass out in the living room.

He was quick to inform me that he wouldn’t be passing out due to alcohol because he doesn’t drink.

After dropping off Ozzie, the girls headed out, and boys’ weekend commenced. I called Toby the next morning to check in and see how he was holding up and was informed that the boys were outside building a tree house. Ozzie and Tyler woke up with the grand plan of building a boys’ tree house in the woods. They sat down and drew up plans which they then presented to Rusty in hopes that he would help them build it. They gathered hammers, nails, and old boards and headed off to the woods. After a while they were back at the house in search of mediation from Toby. Ozzie was frustrated by “contractor” Rusty’s interpretation of his drawing. Rusty was frustrated by the unrealistic demands of “architect” Ozzie’s vision. (Rusty had a handful of old boards and Ozzie wanted a two-story tree house with a front porch and a door.) Both boys were frustrated by their lazy “laborer”, Tyler, who kept wandering off the job site. Toby said it was just like every job site he has ever worked on. 🙂

Ozzie's rendering of the infamous tree house.

Ozzie’s rendering of the infamous tree house.

The boys soon gave up on the tree house project and came in to play. The girls and I arrived home Saturday evening. As we drove up the driveway we soon began to slip and slide. The car came to rest sideways about halfway up the driveway. I put it in park, put on the emergency brake and decided to deal with it in the morning.

Sunday morning everyone, with snow boots on and church shoes in hand, headed down the driveway to “unstuck” the car. Toby wrapped his bandaged foot in a grocery bag and drove the ATV down the driveway. He was able to get the car out of its precarious position and we were off to church.

Hiking down the driveway...

Hiking down the driveway…

"You know you're a redneck when..."

“You know you’re a redneck when…”



Sunday was a big day at church. Rusty was speaking in church for the first time. He was a nervous wreck but he did it and did great job. He has come so far! There was a time not too many years ago that he would have been unable to do that because of Selective Mutism. Gracie also had a big day. Gracie has been working for the last 3 years on a program for the young women in church called Personal Progress. She completed it last week and received her recognition on Sunday. Go Gracie!!

Gracie with her Personal Progress medallion.

Gracie with her Personal Progress medallion.

The kids also got in some sledding time this weekend. After 5 years of living here they discovered the best sledding hill on the property is the driveway (which may have something to do with our inability to get up it!) We only have one sled so the kids improvised with some plastic sheeting. Everyone had a great time, even Winnie, who discovered the joy of chasing the kids down the hill while trying to jump on their moving sled.

It was a busy weekend, a fun-filled weekend…Crystal and Nico had plenty to write about. I think “boys’ weekend” was a success.





Winnie attack!

Winnie attack!

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