Happy New Year!


We were invited to a friend’s home for New Years Eve so on Tuesday afternoon I told the kids that everyone needed to lay down to rest so that they would be able to stay up until midnight. Ozzie and Zoey were extra excited because they had never been to a New Years Eve party before, never stayed up until midnight, and never seen the ball drop on TV. As they “napped” I prepared some dips and snacks we were taking to the party. When Toby arrived home from work he changed and we headed out. We arrived at the party at 7:00 and had appetizers for dinner. As the kids played the moms prepared the activities we had planned for the night.

Dance party!

Dance party!

We came up with fun games and activities for the kids to do through the night as we counted down to midnight. We placed the activities in balloons with the time they were to be popped drawn on the front.


At 8:00 pm the kids popped their first balloon and discovered that they were playing the hot potato candy bar game. We had filled a bag with candy bars that had tags attached with instructions. As the music played the bag was passed and when the music stopped whoever was holding the bag pulled out a candy bar and had to give it to a person who matched the description on the tag. For example, on the York candy bar it said, “Give me to the person in the room most likely to live in New York City as an adult.” The game ended when everyone had a candy bar.


Candy bar game.

Candy bar game.

At 9:00 the next balloon was popped. It was the marshmallow building challenge. Each of the kids were given a paper plate with marshmallows and toothpicks. The challenge was to see who could build the tallest tower. It was fun to see how the different kids approached the challenge. The Lego builders in the group seemed to have the advantage with this activity.


Lucus and Rusty...our building champs.

Lucus and Rusty…our building champs.

At 10:00 the next balloon was popped and the activity was the candy ball game. Earlier in the day Grace and Molly helped me prepare for this activity by making the candy ball. You create it by wrapping wrapped pieces of candy in Saran wrap and tape, winding and wrapping until you get a basketball sized candy ball. The game is played by sitting in a circle and taking turns rolling dice. If you roll a double you get to start unrolling the candy ball while the dice keep getting passed around the circle. You get to keep unrolling and collecting the candy that falls out until someone else gets a double and then they start unrolling where you left off. It is a fast paced, high intensity game of luck.



At 11:00 it was time to pop the next balloon and the activity was a photo scavenger hunt. The kids were broken into two teams, boys vs girls, and given a list of things they needed to find and take a picture of. Here is one of the girls’ photos. They had to take a picture of a reflection.



As the time drew closer to midnight we gathered in the living room to watch the ball drop. Everyone was excited but none more than Ozzie who was just shaking with excitement.

“10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..Happy New Year!”

With that Ozzie ran over, threw his arms around my neck, hugged me and started to cry. “

“I don’t know why I cried,” he told me later, “I just felt so happy.”

Waiting for the ball to drop.

Waiting for the ball to drop.

At midnight the final balloon was popped. It was the traditional New Years Eve midnight activity of the Hudaks…run out into the snow barefoot!




"How cold is it, Grace?"

“How cold is it, Grace?”

It was a wonderful party and a perfect was to end 2013 and welcome the new adventures of 2014.

Happy New Year!

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