We are adopting…again!


We are adopting…again!

Tyler and Ozzie

Tyler and Ozzie

 I have struggled the last two weeks with what to post so I have posted nothing. Sorry about that. So much was happening in our lives and God was working overtime. I didn’t know what to share, how much to share, or when to share, so I have postponed blogging anything until we received confirmation of what God was doing in our lives. I am now sitting here in the middle of the night overwhelmed with emotions and humbled by God’s goodness. I am unsure of where to begin our story because although the journey has been a short one (only a month), as well as an unexpected one, it has been a miraculous one. Tomorrow we become parents to Ozzie, a precious 9-year-old boy. Ozzie entered our lives 6 weeks ago when we stepped in to do an emergency respite weekend for a foster family that was struggling with Ozzie and his sister. We then had them every weekend in December and over Christmas break as the courts scrambled to find placements for them after the foster family gave their 30 day notice. We were approached about adopting them after a few visits. We were told it could be both or just one of them. The courts were trying to determine the best case scenario for these two precious children. Due to the concerns the doctors and therapists brought up the judge decided it was best to place them in separate homes. Although I struggled with mixed feelings about the court’s decision I know in my heart this is part of God’s plan. It was with a lot of prayer and discussion as a family that we embraced the path God was taking us down. Two months ago we had no idea we would be adopting a 9-year-old little boy or that the process would move so quickly but as I reflect back on the last few months I now clearly see God’s hand as the path unfolded. The reunion we planned for Tyler’s siblings in the fall was the catalyst and led to a series of “coincidences” and “God moments” that brought Ozzie to us. I am humbled as I reflect on the path God has led us down and the way He brought about this miracle. I am once again reminded that He has a plan for my life that far exceeds the plans I make for myself. I have seen Him in the details of this journey…in the little things.

We received the call 24 hours ago informing us that we have been chosen to be Ozzie’s forever family. The kids are all thrilled, especially Tyler who has developed a special bond with Ozzie. They have a similar past and share similar scars that has led to a special connection. Ozzie moves in Thursday. This evening was spent “nesting” as we cleaned Rusty’s room, washed the sheets on Ozzie’s bunk and cleared off half the shelves in Rusty’s room in preparation for the personal items Ozzie will bring with him tomorrow. I feel as though I haven’t had adequate time to celebrate and anticipate this “pregnancy.” It is like finding out you are pregnant at nine months and giving birth the next day. It that sense this adoption journey began very differently than Tyler’s adoption journey did. I would love to have a few more days to “nest”…to organize, decorate, and make purchases but it is not going to happen that way. We are jumping in full speed as we get him settled in and registered for school in the next two days so that he can begin school next week.

The next few days are going to be crazy busy but what a wonderful thing to be busy with. 🙂

There is so much I want to share about our journey so far, about this special boy and our excitement about his life joining with ours but it will have to wait. I am having a boy tomorrow and this Momma has a lot to do before his 1:00pm delivery! 🙂


“Adoption…not a second choice or a fallback option, but wholly believing you are seeking to bring home the very child God created with you and your family in mind,  fully equipping you to be the very parent He created you to be.”

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  1. What a lucky little boy!!! He is so blessed to come into such a SPECIAL family.
    We love all of you.
    Congradulations on your newest arrival.

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