Home again, home again…jiggety jog!



Ahhh…It is so good to be home. Nothing like sleeping upright in a hospital chair for two nights to make you appreciate your own bed. Today I am feeling incredibly blessed. Blessed that we had good doctors who caught the symptoms of appendicitis quickly. Blessed to have so many wonderful friends who stepped in and lent a hand in the midst of the chaos. Blessed to have such good kids who held down the fort and really stepped up when I needed to focus my time and energy on getting Ozzie better. Blessed to have an amazing husband who is unshakable when things get challenging and especially blessed to have been given an amazing bonding opportunity with our newest addition.
When Tyler moved in with us we had a vacation planned for the following week. A vacation which had been planned for months before we knew of his arrival. We were going on a week-long houseboat vacation with another family and were scheduled to leave 24 hours after he moved in. It was horrible timing, as far as I was concerned, but it ended up being perfect timing in God’s plan. Being “trapped” on a houseboat for a week with no place to escape to ended up serving as a catalyst for the bonding process. Great strides were made that first week. Progress that would normally have taken weeks happened in a matter of days. I feel like this experience with Ozzie had much the same effect. Although not nearly as enjoyable as a houseboat vacation, this week was a week of breakthroughs in our relationships as a family. Through the scare of surgery, IVs, and a hospital stay Ozzie learned that we are trustworthy, that we won’t leave, that we will take care of him. He experienced parental love as we held his hand through procedures, were sitting at his bedside as he woke from surgery, and met his needs on the most basic level as we carried him to the bathroom and spoon fed him jello. God saw what we were in need of as a family and met our needs in a very creative way. It wasn’t as fun as a family vacation but the effect of this week was far more profound.
Ozzie is still recovering. He is feeling better each day but is still sore. When the doctor came in to go over discharge instructions he told Ozzie no school for a week and no gym for two weeks.

Ozzie considered the doctor’s instructions..
“How about tag?” he asked. “My brother likes to play tag.”
“Nope, no tag for a few weeks,” the doctor answered.
“Hmm, how about trampolines?” Ozzie asked.
“No. Definitely no trampolines,” the doctor answered.
“Hmm, what about ultimate Frisbee?”
“Uh, no. No ultimate Frisbee,” the doctor replied.
Ozzie considered this and then asked, “What about horseback riding?”
I then interrupted and reminded Ozzie that we don’t even have a horse for him to ride so it was a moot point.
“Ok,” he said, “How about donkeys? Can I ride donkeys?”
The doctor told him to just avoid all strenuous activities until his follow-up appointment. 🙂

When Ozzie arrived home we settled him in his “nest” on the couch. Waiting for him were cards from his classmates at school and a gift from friends at co-op. He spent the afternoon building the Lego set he received.
Later that day I received a call from my mom. My parents had their follow-up visit with the surgeon that day. (It is hard to believe only a week before I was sitting in another surgical waiting room.) They received the results back from pathology and they were miraculous. My Dad’s pathology results were clean..totally clean. His extremely aggressive prostate cancer was encapsulated and completely eliminated during his radical prostate removal. As of now the oncologist says no radiation is needed and is declaring my father cancer free.

We are grateful for all the prayers that were said on his behalf and know this miracle came to pass as a result of faithful, powerful prayers and a sovereign God.
We are incredibly blessed!

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