Happy Birthday dear Molly


Molly is now 14! On Monday we celebrated her birthday. “14” is a big birthday in our house (for the girls) because it is the birthday that they are allowed to start wearing make-up. This monumental birthday, especially coming on the heals of Gracie driving, is making me all to aware of how quickly the years are passing.  This is a ‘even” birthday year for our family. Once Tyler has his birthday we will have a 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16-year-old in the house. 🙂

Molly’s birthday began the way all the birthday mornings begin in our family…we woke her up by singing “Happy Birthday” and  bringing her a cake with a candle to blow out. The kids get to choose what they want their morning slice of birthday cake to be and then they get to enjoy it for breakfast. Molly choose cheesecake. Molly also requested that she get to open her gifts before Toby left for work, which we did.


The kids had fun giving Molly her gifts. The two little boys gave her new yarn to make baby hats for babies in the hospital. Rusty and Grace pooled their money to put together a “First dance survival kit.” Now that Molly is 14 she is allowed to go to church dances. Their survival kit was a cute purse filled with a mini mirror, lip gloss, lotion, gum, and other things. From Toby and I Molly received make-up and from my parents Molly received a gift card to Rainbow clothing store which she had the chance to spend later that day.


On a child’s birthday day I give them the day off school and the other kids usually surprise the birthday child by doing all their morning chores, which Russ and Grace did, so Molly had the morning free. While I did school with the others Molly experimented with her new make-up. After lunch Molly’s birthday celebration officially began. For her birthday she wanted to get a “make-over,” a new 14 year-old look. 🙂 She had been saving her money for months to buy some new clothes as well as searching the internet for a new hair style. She invited Grace to join her and we headed out while Rusty stayed home and watched Tyler.

Our first stop was the beauty parlor where she had her hair cut. Molly before…


Molly after…


Next stop was Rainbow clothing store where she had a blast trying on outfits with Grace, her style consultant. She told us that she was looking for a whole new look. Gracie asked her what she wanted her “new look” to like and Molly replied, “pink and sparkly.” Grace then asked her how that was any different than her old look to which Molly revised her answer to, “pink, sparkly and fourteenish.” 🙂


At 3:30 I gave Molly the 10 minute warning so that we could be to the bus stop in time to pick up Ozzie. She made her final choices, paid for everything, and we left. Her calculations couldn’t have been any closer. After using her gift card from Mimi and Pop Pop and the money she had saved she walked out the door with 10 pennies in her pocket. Now that is impressive shopping skills!

In the evening Molly made a request to go to a new restaurant for her birthday dinner…Hotheads. It is a burrito restaurant next to Yumberries, our favorite frozen yogurt store. Hotheads is like a Mexican Subway restaurant. You pick your meal and then walk down the line “dressing” it as you go. When Ozzie got in line he requested a burrito and for the meat he asked for spicy steak even after we warned him not to. Knowing it was probably too hot for him I walked with him down the remainder of the line vetoing the jalapeno peppers he requested and the super hot sauce he wanted to top it with. It was a good thing I did because he was only able to eat 1/3 of the burrito as it was due to the heat.


While we were there the kids had fun watching the TVs that hung on the wall. I had to take this picture because it is classic Tyler and Ozzie. Ozzie is watching the weather channel while Tyler watched a ballgame. They were both thrilled that their favorite channels were on.


After dinner we walked next door for frozen yogurt. Molly frozen yogurt instead of a traditional birthday cake, although she did end up getting birthday cake flavored frozen yogurt. It was a sweet ending to a special day.


“Happy birthday, dear Molly. Happy Birthday to You!!”


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