Earthworm Delight…Yum!


When you sign up for this gig they call motherhood there are challenges you anticipate. Without really knowing what you are getting into you can safely assume there will be some challenges. You acknowledge that there will be sleepless nights, that potty training will be tough and that the teenage years will test your patience. There are words you know will come out of your mouth…often. Words like, “Because I said so,” and  “Leave your brother alone,” and ” I’m not going to tell you again.” Then there are those experiences and phrases uttered that you could in no way have ever seen coming.

As a new Mom with a day old baby I never anticipated the day when I would tell Rusty, “No swinging from the chandelier!”

 Or say to Molly, “No dipping baby Jesus in the toilet!”

As a Mom I’ve uttered a lot of phrases that I never thought I would say as a mother. This Sunday I added to the list of the bizarre when I said to Ozzie, “We never, ever eat worms…Ever!”

The afternoon began beautifully. The weather was perfect for playing outside and Toby and I had one request, 30 minutes alone.  Sometimes I feel like I go days without conversing in a meaningful way with my husband. We crawl into bed every night so tired that the effort to talk exceeds the energy we have left for the day. So on Sunday we called on our two teenage girls to take the two little boys outside for 30 minutes so we could talk uninterrupted. All was going well until we heard a frantic knock on our bedroom door. I opened it to find Molly on the other side, completely worked up.

“I told him not to do it,” she said anxiously, “But he wouldn’t listen.”

“You told who not to do what?” we asked.

“Ozzie,” she replied. “He ate a worm!”

“He what??” we asked, certain there must be something lost in translation.

Molly then proceeded to explain. “Ozzie picked up an earthworm off the ground and said he was going to eat it. I told him not to but he just looked me in the eye, stuck the worm in his mouth and chewed it up!” She ended her story with a shudder.

We called Ozzie in, horrified by this news. When we asked him why he would do something like that he told us that he just wanted to know what worms tasted like. It was then I uttered one of those phrases I never expected to say as a mother…”We never, ever eat worms…Ever!”

I have found mothering to be the most humbling of experiences. Just when you think you have it together you find yourself scolding your 10-year-old for eating worms.  🙂

In addition to unusual dietary changes around our home here are some of the activities that happened at Patchwork Farm this weekend.

On Friday Rusty had to see the oral surgeon to have two adult teeth pulled for braces. We took him to a new oral surgeon that was recommended by a friend and we were SO impressed. Rusty’s experience was much better than Gracie’s was at our old oral surgeon’s office. They used laughing gas which made for an anxiety-free removal. Rusty came home on Friday afternoon. We set him up on the couch with ice cream, mashed potatoes, and computer games to play while he rested.


 Saturday was a full day that began with Tyler’s first soccer game of the season. It was a perfect day for a game. Tyler’s team tied the other team in a very close, action packed game.



While Tyler played Ozzie sat in the grass playing with his trucks the entire time. It is so fun to see how different my two boys are. Tyler lives for sports and Ozzie could care less. 🙂


After the game we drove the girls over to a community Easter party where they were hired to be the face painters… a job they love doing! In addition to face painting the community planners offered an Easter egg hunt, treats, balloon animals and a petting zoo. Our favorite animal at the petting zoo was a 6-month-old pot belly pig named Lilly. She was adorable and brought back memories of our pot belly pig, Harley, when he was that small.



In the evening Ozzie had a birthday party to attend. A boy in his class invited him to his birthday party at an indoor pool. Ozzie was so excited to be invited. “I’ve never been invited to a friend’s party before,” he said excitedly. He spent the week planning for it… what trunks to wear, what towel to take, and what gift to buy. He had a blast swimming with the boys in his class and I was so grateful to the mom who invited Ozzie to join them. It was a fun night for Oz.


Saturday evening Ozzie, Tyler and I worked on a special project. We decided to send Easter gifts to their biological siblings. We wanted to do something fun and unique so we bought balls that we wrote “I hope you have a ‘ball’ this Easter” on and decorated with the boys’ drawings. We then addressed the balls and sent them just like they were through the mail with the shipping label placed right on the ball itself. I think it will be a fun surprise for their siblings to receive in the mail and a special way to let them know that Ozzie and Tyler love them and are thinking of them.

We hope you have a "ball" this Easter too! :)

We hope you have a “ball” this Easter too! 🙂


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  1. You are absolutely right. Never eat earthworms…without frying them up first. They won’t hurt you. Good protein source in a pinch. You should get Ozzie a copy of the children’s book, “How to Eat Fried Worms”.

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