Tennis Love


“LOVE means nothing in tennis but in life it is EVERYTHING!”

On Monday night we decided that for our family activity we would have a picnic dinner and head to the tennis courts for some fun. It was a beautiful day on Monday. The kids were off school and took advantage of the summer temperatures by putting on their swimsuits and laying out in the yard. When I peeked outside they looked like little tin soldiers lined up, belly down, on the sidewalk, soaking up the rays. We decided we wanted to do something outdoors for family night so Tyler suggested tennis. We don’t play tennis but a few months ago while shopping with my mom and sister I came across six old wooden rackets at a consignment shop that were priced $1.00 each. They were so charming to look at I decided to buy them and use them for decoration in my front hallway. Since then Tyler has been asking when we are going to use them to play a game. I told him we couldn’t play without tennis balls so the last time he was out shopping with Toby he decided to use his allowance money to buy tennis balls. Now that we had all the needed equipment we had no reason to delay the inevitable humiliation of a McCleery tennis match. I packed a picnic dinner, Tyler and Ozzie grabbed the rackets and balls, and we drove to the nearby park. We were pleasantly surprised to find the courts pretty empty. We picked our teams and began playing…with little regard for rules or regulations (At one point the kids had three balls in play at once) but what we lacked in talent or technique we more than made up for in enthusiasm!

I love the look of terror on Molly's face :)

I love the look of terror on Molly’s face 🙂

Cool moves...

Cool socks…cool moves…

"Here it comes, Daddy!"

“Here it comes, Daddy!”

Go Rusty!

Go Rusty!

Why use one racket when you can use two?

Why use one racket when you can use two?


Such elegance... such grace!

Such elegance… such grace…Uh, I mean Molly 😉

"Where did that ball go??"

“Where did that ball go??”

"Houston, we have a problem.."

“Houston, we have a problem..”


Here you go...future ATP champions :)

Here you go…future ATP champions 🙂

It was a fun evening. We laughed a lot and everyone went home tired. It was a night full of “love” and time well spent.

“In family relationships love is really spelled T*I*M*E” – Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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  1. That is so sweet. I love this post. Do you schedule regular family time or does it just happen? I think physical activities are the best thing–everyone loosens up a bit. What an adorable bunch of kids.

    • Thanks for your sweet comments! We try to set aside one evening a week for a fun family activity. This was the first time we took the kids to the tennis courts but they had such fun I’m sure we will be returning. 🙂

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