Spring Formal



“Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change a girl’s life.”

Friday was the Spring Formal church dance. Grace attended last year with her friend, Olivia, and had a blast. She was eagerly looking forward to attending again.  This year Molly was old enough to attend as well so on Friday the girls prepared for a fun night of friends, food, and dancing.

Gracie’s friend, Olivia,  came over early so that the girls could get ready together. Olivia’s sister also came over to play dress-up even though she wasn’t old enough to attend the dance this year.


Wanting to make it special, Olivia’s mom and I  prepared “spa food.” We had fruit, sparkling cider, cheese and crackers and cucumber sandwiches for the girls to enjoy while we did make-overs and curled hair.


Miss Lana also made each of the girls a “Dance Survival Kit” to take to Spring Formal.


After they were all ready to go we did a mini “photo shoot.” They girls all looked beautiful. The fun the girls had dolling up and getting their pictures taken proved that Kate Spade was right when she said:

“Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends.”



Best Buddies



Whatever you do, don’t call Gracie “short!” 🙂


Sister giggles



Gracie’s flowing, floor length dress made her look like she stepped off the set of  Downton Abbey.


Miss Molly


It was time for the dance!

After we were done with photos it was time to drive to the dance. It was being held at the Twentieth Century Club in downtown Pittsburgh. The Twentieth Century Club is a beautiful, turn of the century building that made for a magical venue to hold Spring Formal. After parking we quickly met up with kids from church and made our way into the dance. The girls found a table to drop their purse and supplies at and headed onto the dance floor where they enjoyed three hours of dancing with old friends they knew and new friends they made.


Keeping their heels, heads and standards high!


A beautiful night!



Yes, Molly, I will be showing this photo to your father..



These beauties prove that…

“Being yourself is the prettiest thing you can be.”


The dance was fun but now is done.

It is midnight, Cinderella… time to go home. 🙂

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