News, news and more news.


Christopher Poindexter once said:

“The thing about chaos, is that while it disturbs us, it too, forces our hearts to roar in a way that we secretly find magnificent.”

We came straight off the relaxation and renewing energy of camp into the chaos of everyday living. It is funny the difference a week makes when in is spent away from home. Despite the efforts made to get everything in place before we left , as well as the valiant efforts of the boys to maintain order while we were gone (They did a great job of holding down the fort!), there inevitably is a mountain of work to face as penance for leaving. 🙂 There have been moments this week, as we have adjusted to being back in the routine, that I have thought to myself, “Send me back!” I have been paying the price for my absence, in particular with the little boys and their behaviors, and have been working to regain the ground that was lost while I was away. In the midst of all the everyday living moments we have had some big news events. Here are the latest chaotic happenings at Patchwork Farm.  🙂

Ellie May, our new puppy, had to go in for unexpected surgery. Before I left for camp we noticed that her ears were growing (out, not down) and looked like they were filling with air. When we left for camp it looked like she had floatation devices on the sides of her head. Toby took her into the vet and found out that what we thought were air pockets were in fact large pockets of blood. The vet informed Toby that this sometimes happens to floppy eared dogs (Bassett Hounds, Blood Hounds, etc.) They bang their ears off things and break the small blood vessels in the ears and the ear flaps will begin to fill with blood. The solution was surgery. So poor Ellie had to have the inside and outside of both ear flaps surgically separated, the blood drained, and then reattached to each other. Her ears now resemble a tied quilt.

DSCN1218Rusty, this week, celebrated the accomplishment of earning his green belt in Taekwondo. We are so proud of his hard work, diligence and the effort he has put into his sport. Go Rusty!!


Rusty and his green belt.

A month ago, when we were at the doctor’s office for summer physicals the doctor “red flagged” Grace, Rusty and Ozzie as having vision issues, so this week they were all seen by the eye doctor. Rusty was seen first. He sat in the chair as the doctor adjusted and readjusted the lenses to determine the status of his vision. After testing his eye sight she said that his vision was 20/30, well within “normal” range, and that he didn’t need glasses.


Gracie was next. Gracie has been complaining that she has been having troubles seeing things at a distance so it wasn’t too surprising when the doctor said that she was in need of glasses. She told us with Gracie’s vision, as it is now, she should not be driving without glasses. (And to think I have been on the road with her! Ahh!) Gracie’s vision was 20/50 and required us to purchase glasses. She then enjoyed the shopping requirement of that diagnoses and picked out a cute pair of frames.


Ozzie was the last one in the “hot seat.” His biggest fear was that he was going to need eye drops. When the doctor informed him that she wasn’t going to give him eye drops he relaxed and enjoyed the rest of his appointment. Ozzie has horrible vision but we didn’t realize how bad it was until the testing began. The doctor informed us that Ozzie’s vision, without glasses, is 20/600. In layman’s terms that means what Ozzie can see from 20 feet away is what we can see at 600 feet away. Wow! It was a good thing we took him in. His prescription had changed and he was in need of new glasses. Like Grace he enjoyed shopping for new frames and decided on a pair of blue, metal rim glasses.


In the midst of everyday chaos we have added our own additional layer of craziness by deciding to move bedrooms. We decided, as a result of sibling struggles we are dealing with, that it is prudent to move Ozzie into a room of his own. We think having “separate corners” that everyone can escape to and regroup at will benefit the family as a whole… SO we are converting my craft room into a bedroom and reshuffling the kids. Step one began this week as we cleared out half of the schoolroom in an effort to consolidate the schoolroom and craft room into one space. This was a huge undertaking as we worked for days purging and organizing in an effort to take my two “fullest” room and combine them in a way that doesn’t result in what looks like an episode of hoarders. In the midst of the process I had many “What were we thinking…why did we start this” moments. But, we did it. Two rooms sorted and merged.

A work in progress..

A work in progress..

Step 2 now begins as Toby closes off the craft room to turn it into Gracie’s bedroom.


 After Toby is done building walls, dry walling, running electric and hanging the door we will paint and begin moving kids around. Grace will move to the new room, Tyler will move into Gracie’s old room, Ozzie will move into Tyler’s room and Molly and Russ will stay put.

*Drumroll please*

Now for our BIG news…Last week was another court hearing. I got permission to miss it since I was at camp so Toby had the responsibility of taking Ozzie. I was a nervous wreck all day as I waited for news from Toby. Court, which was to begin at 9:00 didn’t begin until after 12:00, so when I finally heard from the boys I was all nerves. When I answered the phone it was Ozzie’s voice I heard, not Toby’s.

“Guess what, Momma?!” he said, “You get to adopt me in November!!”

The judge had finally set an adoption date! It will happen the last Saturday in November as part of a huge celebration for National Adoption Month. Ozzie’s sister, Zoey, will be adopted by her family the same day. We are thrilled! There is just a sense of security that comes from getting the adoption date scheduled. It is kind of like making it to week 12 in a pregnancy. You feel as though you can stop holding your breath and relax a little. You are out of the “danger zone” and the risk of losing your child diminishes a bit. We are so grateful to be able to share our good news with you. Our newest addition with be joining our forever family November 2014. God is good. 🙂


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