First Day of School


Ok, it’s not really the first day of school.

We actually started 10 days ago ( the kids have been working 10 hours a day trying to knock out all the schoolwork they are going to miss before we leave for Disney World)

but today was the “first day of school” photos.

Today was also our first day back at co-op.

4 of my 5 children are schooled at home. This is our 10th year schooling at home.

Ozzie attends our local public school (at least until adoption.)

As part of our schooling we participate in a homeschooling co-op that meets every Wednesday with 12 other families and about 40 kids. We all use the same curriculum so the kids are separated by grade and they do their history, science, music and art lessons for the week together.

We have been part of this co-op for 9 years and it is the highlight of my kiddos’ week…and mine. 🙂

Through this co-op we have developed some of our dearest friendships.

In addition to doing weekly lessons together the kids also enjoy the fun experience of packing and eating lunch with their friends, going on field trips together and having class holiday parties.

Co-op has been such a blessing in our family’s life!

So, today is not the first day of school, but it is the first day of co-op… so it is “picture day!”

This year I have a 10th grader…


A 8th grader…


A 7th grader…


A 4th grader…



and a 2nd grader…


We have made some changes this year with schooling. Grace and Rusty are using the same cyber school and Molly and Tyler are using the same curriculum.

Ozzie, as a big 4th grader, now switches classes during the day and has a locker. He has different teachers for each class and rotates through the day. I wasn’t sure how he would handle that. He struggles with change.

Ozzie's first day of school.

Ozzie’s first day of school.

But I am happy to report…so far so good!

In addition to doing massive amounts of schoolwork, this past week has been spent preparing for our Disney vacation!!!

There has been laundry to wash, sort, and pack.

Small craft projects like making coin containers to hold the boys’ pennies and quarters for the pressed penny machines and putting together the tip envelopes for “mousekeeping.”


There are chores to be done before we turn the animals over to our farm sitter, appointments to make, and last-minute shopping to be done.

(Gracie even found the time to decorate her nails “Disney style.” Each nail represents a different Disney movie. Can you figure out what they are?)


Now here we are a day away…


Tomorrow we leave for Disney World!!!

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