Day 1- Epcot


The day began with tears…

but not sad tears, happy ones.

After walking out the door by 8:00 am we made it to Epcot, parked the car, and were standing in line to get in by 8:30.

IMG_0701 (2)

The excitement was palpable. especially with Ozzie whose emotions rest so close to the surface. He was literally shaking with anticipation. Minutes before 9:00 the morning welcome began. Over the loud speakers music began to play as we were welcomed to Epcot in many languages. As the song came to its finale, cannons of confetti and streamers were shot into the air and the gates were opened. I looked over to see Ozzie crying. He smiled at me through his tears, “I’m just so happy,” he said.

I suppose for Ozzie and Tyler, who have had so few good things happen in their early years, the magic of Disney can be overwhelming.


Our first stop, after walking though the front gate, was Test Track. The little boys have been talking about Test Track for the last week after seeing videos of the ride online. Both my little boys are car lovers. They both moved in with us bringing huge collections of matchbox cars as their prize possessions. Tyler is always scoping out the “coolest”car in the parking lot wherever we go while Ozzie spouts out facts about its engine size and manufacturing history. So when they found out that there was a ride at Disney World where you could design your own can and then test it by riding through a series of obstacles they couldn’t wait.

The ride did not disappoint!

Ozzie designing his car.

Ozzie designing his car.

Rust and Tyler worked together.

Rust and Tyler worked together.

IMG_0769 (2)

Our next stop was mission space where the kids got to act as astronauts on an important mission.


IMG_0760 (2)

Other favorite rides included: Soarin’, Journey into Imagination with Figment, and Living with the Land.


We decided to spend the entire day in Future World and save the World Showcase for our next visit in a few days. We wanted to be able to take our time and allow the kids all the exploration time they wanted. We knew that Ozzie was going to love the science behind so many of the exhibits and we were right. He especially loved all the exhibits about storms and weather.

IMG_0781 (2)

Halfway through the morning we stumbled across a little known gem called, “Club Cool.” Inside this building they offer free soda, and not your run of the mill soda but soda from around the world. We went inside to sample. They offered local favorites from different countries. We took turns sampling and sipping each new soda and then voted on our favorites.


IMG_0798 (2)These were the final votes for our favorite flavors:

Grace, Molly, Ozzie, and Tyler voted for Thailand,

Rusty voted for Zimbabwe.

Toby and I voted for South Africa.

Although we couldn’t agree on the best, we all agreed on the worst:

Beverly from Italy.

It was horribly bitter and tasted like aspirin dissolved in soda water…Yuck!

The Beverly soda.

The Beverly soda.

As we were walking over to the Seas pavilion after our soda taste test we heard Tyler yell, “Look, squirrels!”

We looked to see where he was pointing and saw this:



If we thought Ozzie was excited by the science at innovations it was nothing compared to Tyler’s excitement over the fish at The Sea’s aquarium.

"Fish are friends, not food."

“Fish are friends, not food.”


Here the kids got to ride “The Seas with Nemo and Friends,” watch a dolphin show, and meet Crush the sea turtle in a cool interactive animation show called “Turtle Talk With Crush.” In this show Crush calls on kids from the audience to ask him questions. The kids sit in the front and parents in the back. I couldn’t see my kids but I knew Ozzie was being called on when I heard Crush say, “Little dude with the goggles, what’s your question?”

Ozzie asked him if he knew where Nemo was. 🙂

It was an adorable show and Ozzie was thrilled to be picked!

IMG_0804 (2)

By afternoon everyone was ready to sit and take a break from the walking. We paused to watch a street show and use our free snack for the day on a cold treat.

IMG_0780 (2)

IMG_0884 (2)

For dinner we had reservations at Biergarten restaurant in Germany’s pavilion. As you walk into this restaurant it looks like you are in a German square during an Octoberfest celebration.

It looks so real that at one point Ozzie said to me, "I guess it is getting late. Look, the moon is already out." I had to remind him that we were indoors. :)

It looks so real that at one point Ozzie said to me, “I guess it is getting late. Look, the moon is already out.” I had to remind him that we were indoors. 🙂

The food was SO good! We stuffed ourselves with all sorts of German favorites like: pork schnitzel, potato dumplings, nudel gratin and black forest cake.


While we ate a polka band played and invited the diners to come down and dance. Ozzie didn’t need to be asked twice. He was ready to dance.


Our meal ended just in time to find a spot outside for the firework show: Illuminations. After watching we started back to the car. By this point Tyler was ready for a soft bed. He kept telling us how much his legs hurt. We knew that Epcot would be a big walking day but were curios just how much walking we would do so Toby put on a pedometer before we left. When we arrived at our car Toby announced our total for the day…

9.14 miles!

No wonder everyone’s tired.  🙂

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