Day 4- Hollywood Studios


Yesterday was our fourth day at a Disney Park.

It was a Hollywood Studios sort of day.

We arrived at opening and stayed until closing with our dinner at 50’s Prime Time Café being our last stop.


Here were the highlights of everyone’s day, beginning with our youngest…

Tyler’s pick for best experience of the day was Tower of Terror. My youngest also happens to be my bravest. This thrilling ride was not a hit among the many members of our family that have a fear of heights. Two sat out, three wish they had sat out and two loved it! The two that loved it were Toby and Tyler. 🙂



Ozzie’s pick for best experience of the day was exactly what we anticipated it would be…”Lights, Motors, Action!”


This show is a must see for all but especially if you have any car lovers in your family. In this show they explain how car stunts are done in the movies and then demonstrate those techniques. Ozzie was in heaven and when it ended his first question was, “Can we watch it again?!”




Rusty’s pick for favorite ride was at the top of everyone’s list, Toy Story Midway Mania. The premise of this ride is that you are one of Andy’s toys and you get to play midway style 4D games and earn points. The attention to detail in the ride is amazing and the larger than life decorations make you feel as though you truly are toy sized.




Molly’s vote for best part of the day was split between dinner at 50’s Prime Time Café and the Frozen Sing Along show. We weren’t sure what we were walking into when we got in line for the sing along show, or if it was really worth waiting for. We were pleasantly surprised. It was kind of like the Frozen sing-along that has been occurring in our car for the last year… times 100. What made this show, however, were the two “historians” that led you through the story of Frozen. They were hilarious. It is well worth listening to 300 people sing along to “Let it Go” just to hear them banter.



Gracie’s vote for best experience of the day was the Backlot Tour, where they take you behind the scenes of movie magic and show you how it is done. Gracie probably picked this ride because of her involvement in it. Grace was chosen to be in the show and play the Captain. Her job was to answer the phone, point, yell and brace for the splash that came as torpedos were dropped. She had a lot of fun participating and said that it felt good to get splashed with cold water.




My vote for best experience of the day wasn’t a ride or a show, it was simply a magical moment.

We were walking along Pixar place when we saw a toy soldier. The kids walked over to have their picture taken with him . That is when the real fun began. Using only hand signals to direct them, he proceeded to guide them on a military mission around the street. I loved watching them giggle as they played with this life-size toy soldier.





Finally, Toby’s pick of the day was also a top pick for Grace, Tyler, and I as well…

Rock n’ Roller Coaster, baby!

This high-speed thrill ride left the four of us wanting to ride it again and again.


For lunch we ate at Backlot Express. It was neon day and the closest shirt Toby has to a neon shirt is a tacky hamburger printed shirt that he received as a gag gift from the kids a few years ago. This was his first time wearing it. As we stood behind him in line all morning we all started having cravings for hamburgers and fries so that is what we ended up eating for lunch. 🙂


For dessert there were “Frozen” cupcakes.


It was another wonderful day at the “Happiest Place on Earth.”


Tomorrow we are back at Magic Kingdom with a new addition…

PhotoPass_Visiting_Magic_Kingdom_7048494723 (2)

No, not Tinkerbell…

It is Mimi Joy! Toby’s mom flew down to join us for a few days. Tomorrow we will be a “red” group of 8. 🙂

Let the magic continue!

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