Around the World in…8 Hours!


Yesterday we were back at Epcot for round two. This time, rather than spending time in future world, we spent our entire day in the World Showcase. It took us 8 hours to travel from Canada to Mexico, taking the most indirect way possible through China, Morocco , France, and a few other countries along the way.

Knowing we were going to spend our day at the World Showcase we took advantage of the fact that is didn’t open until 11:00 am and we slept in. For the first time since vacation began a week ago we weren’t up with the birds. It was needed. The day before we spent the day at Magic Kingdom. The crowds had been minimal up until that point but the combination of it being a Saturday, being Magic Kingdom and not one of the other parks, as well as it having “magic hours” until 1:00 am made it a crowded place. It was also our hottest day since arriving in Florida. Halfway through the day the heat got to be too much for Miss Molly so I took her back to the hotel where she napped for three hours. When she woke up she felt better so we returned to meet up with the family.

That night we didn’t arrive home until 12:30 am. Everyone was exhausted so it worked out well that we didn’t need to be at the park the next day until 11:00. Everyone slept in until 9:00 am and woke up feeling much better.


When we arrived at the park we began our adventure on the right side of the lagoon in Canada. Our first stop was the kids’ area where they all decorated fans to have stamped as they traveled around the world to the different nations. The boys also had their coins with them so that they could have a penny pressed from each country.

Decorating fans...

Decorating fans…



Our first stop was Canada, where watched “O Canada,” a 360 circle vision film about Canada. This was also our first food stop of the day.

With our dining plan we receive 7 free snacks a day for our family. We have been saving the bulk of those free snacks for our “nations day” so that we could eat our way around the world. Stealing a friend’s idea, we bought a sampling of food from each country and each tried a bite. This became our lunch/dinner for the day.

In Canada we had maple sugar candy.




Our next stop was the United Kingdom. Here we stopped for a bit to watch a great interactive comedy troupe called “The World Showcase Players.”


Our food was fish and chips, which was enjoyed by everyone except Miss Molly.


We also met Alice…


The next nation in our trip around the world was France. This is the country we ended up spending the most time in, due in part to “Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure.” We stopped at the booth where the kids received a transmitter and a mission to perform. We chose to do ours in France. The kids loved it!



Other activities in France included shopping…


Trying perfume samples…

This perfume is the first in the world made entirely out of food and no flower extracts.

This perfume is the first in the world made entirely out of food and no flower extracts.

And of course eating. You just can’t visit France and not try the delicious French pastries. Here we bought a Napoleon, Citron, Mousse Au Chocolat, and an Éclair. When Ozzie bit into the Éclair he said, ” Mmmm, I think this is better than a twinkie.” That is a high compliment coming from Ozzie. 🙂


Morocco was the next stop on our tour.




Here we feasted on baklava…Yum!!


Japan was next…


When we arrived at Japan Toby informed the girls that he had a surprise for us. Here, at the Japan pavilion, you can “pick a pearl.” Toby paid for Gracie, Molly, Joy and I to each pick an oyster and get a pearl. The entire process was a lot of fun. We all made our choices and our treasures were revealed one by one.


Our treasures...

Our treasures…

In Japan we decided that rather than buying a food we would try some traditional Japanese drinks instead. (Everyone was thirsty) Some were better than others. 🙂

Rusty didn't like that one :)

Rusty didn’t like that one 🙂

Our next nation was the United States. This marked the halfway point in our journey. Here we had the joy of listening to the “Voices of Liberty,” (they were amazing!) and watching a show called, “The American Adventure.”


Here we dined on funnel cakes, of course!



Our next country was Italy. This was a quick stop. We only stayed long enough to get our Italian lemon ice and keep on walking…




The next stop was…Germany!

As we were walking around Germany I was telling the kids about living there as a child. Halfway through my description Ozzie interrupted me with the question, “So, how’d you like living in China?”

I’m so glad my children listen to me when I talk. 🙂



Here we feasted on pretzels.


Next stop was China. We knew we wanted to watch the Jeweled Dragon Acrobats so we found a seat before the show began while Toby went to pick up our snack for China- eggrolls.




As we were leaving look who we met…


By this point in our journey we had two nations left.

In Norway we had lefse to eat which was rolled flat bread with butter, cinnamon and sugar.

The big hit at this nation was the Maelstrom ride.


Momma's little Vikings.

Momma’s little Vikings.

And our final stop…drumroll please…Mexico!



Here we rode “Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros” and ate nachos.


By this time it was almost 8:00 pm. Everyone was ready to put their feet up. Every wonder how many miles it is from Canada to Mexico…10.3 miles. You thought it would be more, didn’t you?!

Well it felt like more. 🙂

It was a good day.

“I want to travel the world with you: go to every country, every city, take pictures and be happy.”

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