What’s in a name?


This past week was a full one. Here is just a little of what has been happening at Patchwork Farm:

Monday was a tough day. We are in the midst of testing and trying with certain children. Ozzie’s adoption is only a month away and I can feel Satan at work trying to create disharmony and doubt in an effort to tear apart what God has called us to do. The tension reached a climax on Monday so in an effort to break that tension and get everyone laughing again we played a game of “Headbands” while we ate dinner. The laughter helped lighten the mood and remind us why we are walking this path we are on.


Dinner was followed by family night. For family night we decorated pumpkins. Grace, in honor of her Halloween costume, painted an UP themed pumpkin.


On Tuesday Grace and I did a little autumn meandering in search of fall photo opportunities. Gracie is taking Photography II this semester and is always in search of photo opportunities for future class assignments.


On Wednesday we had co-op. Grace has now graduated, in her driving lessons, to highway driving. I don’t know who was more nervous about her driving on highways, her or mom. 🙂 But, she is doing really well!


After co-op we had the New Castle bookmobile stop by. The bookmobile is now coming to our co-op every three weeks. We are loving this! So often our schedule doesn’t allow for a separate trip to the library so to have the library come to us is a treat!


Inside the bookmobile. It is so cute! :)

Inside the bookmobile. It is so cute! 🙂

Saturday the girls had a church dance. They invited their friend, Olivia. It was a Halloween dance and the kids could dress in white, neon, or costume. The girls decided to combine the three and dressed in 1980’s garb. The effect was adorable! Their outfits looked extra cool under the black lights that were set up in the gym.

Aren't they cute?!

Aren’t they cute?!



This week was also a big preparation week as we head into the final stretch of our adoption journey. This week was full of final “to do” tasks required for adoption like having our “intent to adopt” paperwork notarized, getting physicals completed, getting FBI fingerprinting done, and gathering references. This was also the week we sat down and talked to Ozzie’s about his new name.

With the legal process of adoption comes an opportunity for changing one’s name. Ozzie will of course take on our last name at his adoption day but we hadn’t discussed whether he wanted to make any changes to his first or last name. Each child is different. Although Tyler was eager to change his middle name at his adoption we weren’t sure if Ozzie would feel the same. When I asked him about it he eagerly expressed a desire to change his middle name as well. He has never been a fan of his middle name, Emlyn. So we decided to have a “naming night” like we did with Tyler.

For family night we sat the kids down and had a lesson on the value of a name. We talked about what is expected of us when we, as Christians, take on the name of Christ and what His name brings to mind. We then talked about taking on our father’s name and how a last name is a legacy that our fathers and grandfathers pass down to us and what responsibility comes with that surname.

It was an interesting discussion and one of mixed emotions as Ozzie faces leaving the surname he has always carried,  that is familiar, but also that ties him to a father who was abusive. It is a cleansing of sorts and yet a scary step into the future for a little boy who doesn’t like change.

When we talked to Tyler about changing his name he was completely enthusiastic. He eagerly suggested possibilities for his new middle name like: Football, Disney World, and Daddy. We helped him come up with better possibilities as a family when we had a “naming night.” We decided to do the same for Ozzie. Monday night we sat as a family with baby name books on the table and  notecards for each person. Everyone was told to find three names they thought would be good middle names for Ozzie. The were able to look up meanings and try different combinations. Ozzie made his list too.(His number one choice was: Awesome) 🙂 When everyone was done we took turns reading our lists out loud and voting on the favorite name from each list. When then made a final list of the favorites and discussed each name and the meaning it carries. We all shared our opinions and then let Ozzie make his final decision.

The final list included:

Daniel- “God is my judge”

Alexander- “Defender of mankind”

Elliot- “The Lord is my God”

Jonah- “dove”

Tristen- “riot”

William- “determined protector”

Ozzie made his choice…


In one month he will bear our name and be known as Oswald William…aka Ozzie awesome 😉

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